Hot Hot Heat

It's Hot and Getting Hotter—What Does That Mean for Hurricane Season?

We won't forget that 99-degree day last week anytime soon.

06/06/2024 By Bob Bunting

Weather Patterns

Hurricane Lee Is a Harbinger of Storms to Come

Lee has set a record as the quickest system to intensify from a tropical storm to a Category 5 hurricane in Atlantic hurricane season history.

09/08/2023 By Bob Bunting


Hurricane Idalia Is Rapidly Intensifying

A storm surge warning, tropical storm warning and hurricane watch are in effect for Sarasota. A hurricane warning is also posted for coastal Manatee County.

08/29/2023 By Bob Bunting


Tropical Storm Idalia Will Soon Become Hurricane Idalia

Idalia's path is still somewhat variable. However, it's critical to understand that a small easterly shift in the storm's projected path could bring much more severe impacts to our region.

08/28/2023 By Bob Bunting


Tropical Storm Idalia Has Formed in the Caribbean

A full super moon, high sea surface temperatures and sea level rise combine to make Idalia a potential threat for our region.

08/27/2023 By Bob Bunting


A New Tropical System Could Impact the Suncoast Next Week

Expect a tropical storm to form in the Caribbean late this weekend or early next week.

08/25/2023 By Bob Bunting

Hurricane Season

Peak Hurricane Season Is About to Begin

Record sea surface temperatures and waning Saharan dust mean the tropics are waking up.

08/18/2023 By Bob Bunting

Tropical Storm Nicole

Tropical Storm Nicole: Warnings and Storm Surge Impacts for Tonight and Thursday

Here's what the Suncoast can expect over the next 24 hours.

11/09/2022 By Bob Bunting


Tropical Storm Nicole Is Slowly Moving Toward the Bahamas, Southeast Florida Coast

We need to be prepared for very high tides, some storm surge with onshore winds, and flooding, says meteorologist Bob Bunting.

11/08/2022 By Bob Bunting


The Suncoast Will Feel the Effects of Subtropical Storm Nicole Wednesday and Thursday

Heavy rains will occur and there is a possibility for coastal flooding along the barrier islands and bayfronts from Venice to Tampa Bay.

11/07/2022 By Bob Bunting

The Tropics

Subtropical Storm Nicole Poses a Threat to Florida

Here we go again.

11/06/2022 By Bob Bunting

Not Again

Another Tropical Threat Is Brewing in the Atlantic

Meteorologist Bob Bunting predicts another named storm will form that could intensify as it approaches Florida, thanks to warm seas.

11/05/2022 By Bob Bunting

Ian Will Make Landfall as a Near-Category 5 Hurricane

Ian Will Now Make Landfall as a Near-Category 5 Hurricane

The storm is packing winds of 155 mph, just two miles per hour short of Category 5 status.

09/28/2022 By Bob Bunting

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian Will Likely Make Landfall in Sarasota County as a Category 3 Hurricane

Peak winds at the center of the storm will likely be in excess of 100 mph at the time of landfall.

09/27/2022 By Bob Bunting

Hurricane Ian

Ian Is Now a Hurricane; Heavy Impact to the Suncoast Is Likely

A hurricane watch is in effect for all of the Suncoast, including Bradenton, Sarasota and Venice.

09/26/2022 By Bob Bunting


Tropical Storm Ian Forms in the Carribbean; Could Strike Sarasota-Manatee

Conditions will likely begin to deteriorate on Tuesday night. The following 24 hours looks like the time of major concern.

09/24/2022 By Bob Bunting


Keep Your Eye on the Tropics Right Now

After a summer of Saharan dust inhibiting hurricane formation, scientist Bob Bunting says conditions are now near-perfect for storm development.

09/22/2022 By Bob Bunting

Here We Go

Here's What to Expect from the Tropical Disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico Right Now

While winds may briefly gust to tropical storm force, with showers of rain near Sarasota, the largest impacts will be further south.

06/03/2022 By Bob Bunting


Hurricane Ida Eyes New Orleans and the Mid-Gulf Coast

Ida will likely go through an explosive development cycle and strike Louisiana late Sunday as a major hurricane—the second in the Gulf in the past two weeks.

08/27/2021 By Bob Bunting


Sarasota’s Climate Adaptation Center Updates Its 2021 Hurricane Forecast

Three climate factors will keep this an active peak season.

08/16/2021 By Bob Bunting