Yes, we care about politics, art, world peace, traffic, real estate prices, homeless people, charitable giving and rising sea levels. But in our brainy, sophisticated city, no question sparks more passionate debate than the one that comes up at nearly every cocktail party or family gathering: Where should we go to dinner?  Luckily for all of us, there have never been so many good answers to that question as we have right now. Fueled by across-the-board population growth, from well-heeled retirees and hungry millennials to record numbers of tourists, new restaurants keep adding to our already vibrant dining scene. We challenged our food critics, bloggers and insatiable editors to choose the very best, from fine-dining classics and cozy Italian trattorias to trendy farm-to-table hotspots. Here they are, in no particular order: our top restaurants of 2017.

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Sarasota's Best Restaurants 2017

In no particular order, sixty-one great places to eat right now.

01/31/2017 By Staff

Old Florida Takes the Stage at Owen's Fish Camp

This fish place looks like it's been in business since at least 1950. And that's a good thing.

01/31/2017 By Michael Riedel

This is Victor Hazan's Favorite Restaurant in Sarasota

Italian cooking guru Victor Hazan follows Dino Carta to Sardinia.

01/31/2017 By Victor Hazan

Puccini's is as Dark and Delicious as a Private Club

Puccini's is like a clandestine private club you learn about from a friend. One that serves delicious food.

01/31/2017 By Marsha Fottler

These 5 Restaurants Have Stood the Test of Time

Others rise and fall, but these five remain.

01/31/2017 By Staff

Maison Blanche's José Martinez Moves Forward By Standing Still

Longboat Key's Maison Blanche is formal, private, hushed and leisurely.

01/31/2017 By Cooper Levey-Baker

The Best Italian Restaurants in Sarasota

When it comes to Italian food, these restaurants top our list.

01/31/2017 By Staff

Where (and What) the Chefs Eat

Here's where five local chefs go on their off days—and what they order, too.

01/31/2017 By Staff