8 Perfect Sarasota Weekends

Plus, our 40 favorite restaurants, what you need to know about this season's arts season, new home tours and much more.

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Arts & Entertainment


Meet Five New Leaders Hoping to Take Our Arts Scene to New Heights

It's a new era for these organizations.

12/06/2023 By Kay Kipling

The Thrill of the Chase

For Dedicated Vinyl Collectors, the Hunt for the Next Great LP Never Ends

Fun fact: Records recently surpassed CDs as the top-selling physical medium for the first time ever.

11/28/2023 By John Thomason

The Big Picture

Sarasota’s Arts Facilities Are Changing. Here’s a Look at Where They Stand Now.

From The Sarasota Players' new home at Payne Park to the current status of the Sarasota Performing Arts Center, there's a lot going on in the arts scene.

11/27/2023 By Kay Kipling

48 Hours in Sarasota

A Weekend Spent Exploring Sarasota's Arts Scene Is One Well-Spent

The arts are an essential part of Sarasota’s identity and a major draw for tourists and residents alike.

11/06/2023 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Behind the Music

Violinist Alexander Markov Goes Electric With an Outrageous Blend of Classical and Hard Rock

Markov will perform here on Saturday, Nov. 18, at Church of the Palms.

11/02/2023 By Kay Kipling

Eat & Drink

Carb Loading

Where to Find Exceptional Breads, Pastries and Sweets Locally

Whether you’re in the mood for warm, pillowy bread, flaky pastries or creamy, chilled desserts, the Sarasota area is home to serious bakers who aim to please.

11/29/2023 By Lauren Jackson

On the Move

Our Five Favorite Local Food Trucks

Because sometimes a parking lot has all the ambiance you need. 

11/07/2023 By Lauren Jackson

Best Restaurants

The Best Restaurants in Sarasota

Where to eat right now—and what to order when you're there.

11/07/2023 By Lauren Jackson

Pop Quiz

We Asked Local Chefs to Share Their Favorite Ingredients, Kitchen Gadgets and Junk Foods. Here's What They Said.

Who loves Cheetos? Whose favorite way to unwind after service is with beer and a gummy? Read on to find out.

11/07/2023 By Lauren Jackson

48 Hours in Sarasota

The Food Lover's Guide to Sarasota

Spend a long weekend eating your way through town.

11/06/2023 By Lauren Jackson

Home & Real Estate

Sky's the Limit

A Condo Renovation Brings a Dash of Manhattan Chic to a Sarasota High-Rise

What’s most attention-grabbing about Deborah Hamm's remodeled condo at Alinari is the exposed concrete, the open space and the emphasis on the views.

11/02/2023 By Kim Doleatto

Travel & Outdoors

Long Haul

What It's Like to Swim the English Channel

Sarasota software engineer Allen Hillman recently joined an elite group of swimmers.

11/27/2023 By Stephanie Churn Lubow

48 Hours in Sarasota

8 Perfect Sarasota Weekends

How to spend two days in paradise.


48 Hours in Sarasota

Indulge Your Wild Side During 48 Thrill-Filled Hours in Sarasota

Water sports, wildlife and the great outdoors are front and center and, from up high to down low, Sarasota can pack the punch thrillseekers crave.

11/06/2023 By Kim Doleatto

48 Hours in Sarasota

Sarasota Is a Great Place for a Family Vacation

With lots of green space, parks and beaches galore, and great year-round weather, there’s plenty for families to do.

11/06/2023 By Kim Doleatto

48 Hours in Sarasota

The Dog Lover's Guide to a Long Weekend in Sarasota

We’re a dog lover’s destination, with plenty of pet-friendly accommodations and eateries that will keep you and your furry friend busy.

11/06/2023 Photography by Cooper Levey-Baker

48 Hours in Sarasota

The History Buff's Guide to a Weekend in Sarasota County

From its famous residents to its signature architecture, there's so much for history lovers to explore.

11/06/2023 By Lauren Jackson

48 Hours in Sarasota

Grab Your Besties and Head to Sarasota for a Friendship-Filled Weekend

Sarasota is a perfect place for a girls’ trip.

11/06/2023 By Megan McDonald

48 Hours in Sarasota

How to Spend a Romantic Weekend in Sarasota

Exactly what to do over the course of 48 lovey-dovey hours.

11/06/2023 By Megan McDonald