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Bubble Trouble

Are We in Another Real Estate Bubble?

“We’re very overdue for a recession,” says Chris McCarty, director of the University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research.

09/17/2018 By Susan Burns

Dining for a Difference

Chef Judi Raises a Glass to the Late Steve Seidensticker

Judi Gallagher encourages the community to remember Seidensticker during this year's Dining for a Difference fundraiser.

09/17/2018 By Judi Gallagher

Real Estate Junkie

Home Tour: A Dark, Modern Remodel in Southgate

But, our Real Estate Junkie wonders, do black or gray homes get hotter easier?

09/17/2018 By Robert Plunket


Office Building Fetches $490,000

Sarasota's TBMW Property Management, LLC recently purchased the 3,006-square-foot office building at 2035 Constitution Blvd., Sarasota.

09/17/2018 By Staff


Architecture Firm Moves to the Rosemary District

Hive Architects recently moved its operations to the BOTA Center.

09/17/2018 By Staff


Park Management Changing Hands

Next month, five City of Sarasota parks and recreation facilities now maintained by Sarasota County through an inter-local agreement will return to the city.

09/17/2018 By Staff