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Your Top 8 Things to Do: April 13-19

World Circus Day at The Ringling, an Easter egg hunt at Sarasota Jungle Gardens, David Sedaris at the Van Wezel and more.

04/12/2017 By Ilene Denton


Nonprofit Hosts Food, Craft Beer Festival

The Sertoma Club of Greater Sarasota is hosting its second annual My Hometown Fest from noon to 5 p.m. this Saturday, April 15.

04/10/2017 By staff

My New Hometown

Why I Moved to Sarasota: Zoologist Diane Ledder

Zoologist Diane Ledder explores Sarasota's natural wonders.

01/01/2016 By Ilene Denton


Shane Chalke Has Lofty Goals for Sarasota Contemporary Dance

Shane Chalke embraces Sarasota Contemporary Dance.

11/03/2015 By Ilene Denton


Washington, D.C. Traffic Reporter Jerry Edwards Moves to Sarasota

D.C. traffic reporter Jerry Edwards enjoys life in our slow lane.

10/01/2015 By Ilene Denton


Noted Architects Debbie Ahmari and Roberto Gonzalez Move to Sarasota

The couple worked for architecture firms in Miami before moving here.

04/30/2015 By Ilene Denton


Former California Academy of Sciences Director Moves to Sarasota

Science couple Greg and Jean Farrington explore our area.

03/31/2015 By Ilene Denton


Renowned Composer Jerry Bilik Moves to Sarasota

The composer has been music coordinator the Oscars and Emmys, as well as VP of creative development at Feld Entertainment. His new piece premieres at La Musica in April.

03/03/2015 By Ilene Denton


Emmy Award-Winning Journalist Mary Braxton-Joseph Moves to Sarasota

Emmy Award-winning journalist Mary Braxton-Joseph splits her time between Sarasota and Chapel Hill.

01/30/2015 By Ilene Denton


New York's Metropolitan Opera GM Relocates to Sarasota

Joseph Volpe, former general manager of New York's Metropolitan Opera, and his wife recently relocated to Sarasota.

01/02/2015 By Ilene Denton


Why I Moved to Sarasota: IMG Academy's Gabriel Storm Jarrett

Gabriel Storm Jarrett and his parents on tennis, music and living at IMG.

10/30/2014 By Ilene Denton


Why We Moved to Sarasota: Ellen Hanson and Richard Perlman

A New York couple settles into a Sarasota School gem.

09/30/2014 By Ilene Denton


Why We Moved to Sarasota: Denise Creedon and Steve Madva

Philadelphians Denise Creedon and Steve Madva on wildlife, boating--and art.

06/26/2014 By Sarasota Magazine


Selby Gardens’ Dr. Antonio Toscano de Brito on Why He Loves Sarasota

Living the dream at Selby Gardens.

05/30/2014 By Ilene Denton


Jewelry Designer Rose Gonzales Relocates to Sarasota

Jewelry designer Rose Gonzales on natural treasures.

05/01/2014 By Ilene Denton


Educator Neil Phillips of Bradenton’s Visual Men Academy on Kids, Leisure and Longboat Key

The co-founder of Bradenton's Visible Men Academy shares why he and his family moved to Sarasota.

04/01/2014 By Ilene Denton


My New Hometown: Ringling Museum Asian Art Curator Fan Jeremy Zhang

Fan Jeremy Zhang, the Ringling Museum's new Asian art curator, settles into Sarasota.

03/01/2014 By Ilene Denton Photography by MyUnionHouse.com


Why I Moved to Sarasota: Francis and Nathalie deWolf

Francis and Nathalie deWolf on south Sarasota's many charms.

01/31/2014 By Ilene Denton Photography by MyUnionHouse.com


My New Hometown: Dr. Frances Daly Fergusson

Vassar President Emerita Frances Daly Fergusson on why she chose Sarasota.

01/02/2014 By Ilene Denton