Rounding Out RIAF 2017

A lively dance and a quiet work of film both entertain.

10/22/2017 By Kay Kipling


RIAF 2017 Continues with African Music, Iranian Theater and More

Nobuntu, EnsemblenewSRQ and a mysterious one-person show intrigue audiences.

10/20/2017 By Kay Kipling


2017 Ringling International Arts Festival Kicks Off

The first performance of the fest features characters on the lam using a giant video screen.

10/19/2017 By Kay Kipling

Ready for RIAF

Preview: Ringling International Arts Festival

Hot tickets at this month’s festival at The Ringling.

09/27/2017 By Kay Kipling


Ringling International Arts Festival Takes Some New Turns

The festival, running Oct. 18-21, welcomes dance, theatrical spectacle and new work.

03/23/2017 By Kay Kipling


RIAF: The Pianist; 17 Border Crossings

Works by Thomas Monckton and Thaddeus Phillips.

10/17/2016 By Kay Kipling


Ringling International Arts Festival: Doug Elkins Choreography, etc.

The 2016 festival begins with performances in three venues and a Brazilian-themed party in the museum courtyard.

10/14/2016 By Kay Kipling

RIAF 2017

Here's a Preview of This Year's Ringling International Art Festival

This year's RIAF, which kicks off tonight, offers up a unique array of performances.

10/13/2016 By Riley Board

Weekend Planner

Your Top 7 Things to Do: Oct. 13-19

RIAF arrives; the Van Wezel, WBTT and Sarasota Contemporary Dance open their seasons; free outdoor movie at Ed Smith Stadium; and lots more.

10/13/2016 By Ilene Denton


Ringling International Arts Festival Offers An Eclectic Line-Up

Priority tickets for prime seating are on sale now.

07/06/2016 By Kay Kipling


RIAF Roundup

Arts editor Kay Kipling on more of the festival's performances.

10/19/2015 By Kay Kipling


RIAF: Phare: The Cambodian Circus

Arts editor Kay Kipling takes in an opening night performance of RIAF 2015.

10/16/2015 By Kay Kipling


5 Great Arts Events for October

Our must-dos this month.

10/01/2015 By Kay Kipling


12 Can't-Miss International Events

An exceptional festival, exhibition or special event for every month of the year.

07/31/2015 By Megan McDonald


Ringling International Festival Roundup

Arts editor Kay Kipling on three more RIAF performances.

10/20/2014 By Kay Kipling


RIAF, The Table and Keigwin +Company

Arts editor Kay Kipling takes in a puppet show and a dance ensemble.

10/17/2014 By Kay Kipling


Ringling International Arts Festival Tangram

Arts editor Kay Kipling on the talented duet of Tangram.

10/16/2014 By Kay Kipling


A Preview of Ringling International Arts Festival 2014

Actor Christopher Lee Gibson explains how a radio drama/graphic novel mashup will entertain at RIAF.

09/30/2014 By Kay Kipling


Top Tickets: Sarasota Events, October 2014

Our five picks for October.

09/24/2014 By Kay Kipling


Ringling International Arts Festival 2014 Announced

A mix of dance, music, theater and more is planned.

02/28/2014 By Kay Kipling