The daughter of local theater folk, Hannah Wallace received her English degree from Stetson University and has been an editor for Sarasota (et al) since 2005, specializing in health, culture, cocktails and sarcasm. When she’s not researching bars or interviewing comedians, Hannah abuses her body and entertains observers with various athletic pursuits, including ice hockey and running from zombies.

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Events and Organizations We're Passionate About

This week: Joan Lunden will speak at Tidewell Hospice's annual luncheon; All Children's Hospital's Miracle Ball, "Yesterday" at FST and more.

02/11/2016 By Hannah Wallace

Big Deals

This Week's Commercial Real Estate News

A round-up of commercial real estate news for the week of Feb. 5, 2016.

02/04/2016 By Hannah Wallace

Dept. of Unintended Consequences

Did Florida’s Crackdown on Pill Mills Create a Heroin Epidemic?

After a 2011 crackdown on pain clinics, heroin use has soared.

02/01/2016 By Hannah Wallace

Good Deeds

Local Businesses Support the Community

Local businesses doing good deeds.

01/28/2016 By Hannah Wallace

Big Deals

This Week's Commercial Real Estate News: Jan. 29, 2016

A round-up of this week's commercial real estate news.

01/28/2016 By Hannah Wallace

The Incredible Edible Egg

Deconstructing Eggs Benedict

A Ritz-Carlton chef breaks down the iconic indulgence.

01/25/2016 By Hannah Wallace


Spirits of Sarasota: Michael's Aviation

A gin-based fruity cocktail that fascinates.

01/22/2016 By Hannah Wallace


Spirits of Sarasota: Carmel's Peachberry Cobbler

Vodka and triple sec with cherry simple syrup, muddled fruit and cinnamon.

01/18/2016 By Hannah Wallace

Real Estate

Big Deals in Local Real Estate

Commercial real estate news.

01/14/2016 By Hannah Wallace


941CEO Supports Local Nonprofits

Performing arts, the 2016 Unity Awards luncheon and more.

01/14/2016 By Hannah Wallace


Q&A with Buck Showalter

We sat down with the Orioles' Buck Showalter as he prepares for Spring Training in Sarasota.

01/13/2016 By Hannah Wallace

Biz Bites

Downtown Sarasota's Utamaro Offers Sushi and Other Japanese Favorites

Enjoy sushi and other Japanese favorites at Utamaro.

01/11/2016 By Hannah Wallace


Spirits of Sarasota: Yume Sushi's Lychee Martini

With everything else going on here, it’s amazing that the lychee flavor still stars.

01/07/2016 By Hannah Wallace


Ellenton's Fred Eaton Leads Young Hockey Players to National Success

Through 24 years of coaching ice hockey, Ellenton’s Fred Eaton has notched some major achievements, including two national championships.

01/01/2016 By Hannah Wallace


Definition Fit's Dave Weiner Shares His Top Tips for Getting in Shape This Year

Dave Weiner--co-owner of Sarasota's Definition Fit--shares his top tips for a healthy 2016. Plus: LiveStrong comes to the Sarasota YMCA, new developments in hand dominance, monitoring a broken heart--and more.

01/01/2016 By Hannah Wallace


A Day in the Life of Big Cat Habitat's Clayton Rosaire

Spend a day with Clayton Rosaire of Sarasota's Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary.

01/01/2016 By Hannah Wallace