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Cocktail of the Week: Two Senoritas' Coconut Margarita

Two Senoritas offers a twist on the icy Mexican classic.

By Hannah Wallace July 5, 2016

Coconut margarita yi72dx

This week: The Coconut Margarita at Main Street's Two Senoritas

The drink: A light and icy alternative to summer concoctions like a (too-often syrupy) traditional margarita or an (even-more-cloying) piña colada. It's officially a proprietary recipe, but you can at least count on tequila, thoroughly shaved ice and a hint of lime; the bulk of the coconut flavor really resides in the rim, which is garnished with honey and toasted coconut. Also, this beverage carries a strong Brain Freeze Warning.

The bar: I like a good, dim bar--especially in this weather, and Two Senoritas was an excellent reprieve from the late-afternoon heat during last weekend's Powerboat Grand Prix festivities. 

Other notable potables: Margaritas in all their glorious forms--frozen or rocks, salt or no, Don Julio or any of a number of agave elixirs. 

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