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Unfiltered Pleasures

Where to Find Natural Wine in Sarasota

From well-stocked wine shops to fun pizzerias, here's where to explore the emerging world of natural and biodynamic wines in Sarasota.

10:34am By Caleb Guedes-Reed

S Tier

Discovering Some New Favorite Wines at Forks & Corks

Our wine writer names his top picks from the huge annual wine bash.

05/17/2023 By Bob McGinn

World traveler

The Growing Profile of South African Wines

A recent event at Michael's Wine Cellar introduced our wine writer to a number of exciting vineyards.

05/03/2023 By Bob McGinn

Lime Time

Where to Find Sarasota’s Best Margaritas, Just in Time for Cinco De Mayo

A great margarita will never go out of style. Here are some of our favorites.

04/25/2023 By Megan McDonald, Allison Forsyth, and Lauren Jackson

Class Is in Session

How to Avoid Making a Fool of Yourself at a Wine Tasting

With the Forks & Corks Grand Tasting right around the corner, let's review some basic rules.

04/19/2023 By Bob McGinn


Are Wine Pours Shrinking?

And how much wine is in "a glass of wine," anyway?

04/05/2023 By Bob McGinn

Tap That

Join 99 Bottles for a Grown-Up Easter Egg Hunt Around Downtown Sarasota

Explore downtown Sarasota for a chance to win big prizes from 99 Bottles.

03/24/2023 By Lauren Jackson

In the Weeds

A New Documentary Examines the Use of Chemicals in Winemaking

Brian Lilla's Children of the Vine takes a hard look at the use of glysophate in vineyards.

03/13/2023 By Bob McGinn

Offensive and Defensive Wine-Men

Could Wine Ever Compete With Beer as Football Fans' Drink of Choice?

Some teams and ex-players seem to think so.

02/22/2023 By Bob McGinn

Age Gap

Where Are All the Young Wine Drinkers?

The wine industry is facing increased competition from makers of hard seltzers and ready-to-drink canned cocktails.

02/08/2023 By Bob McGinn

Burning Question

Do You Actually Need to Decant Wine?

Th short answer: it depends.

01/18/2023 By Bob McGinn

Hoppily Ever After

99 Bottles Has Received National Recognition for Its Stellar Beer Selection

The downtown Sarasota taproom and bottle shop is known for its wide array of drinks, food and knowledgable staff.

01/11/2023 By Lauren Jackson

Vintage 2022

A Look Back at the Events, Trends and Personalities That Shaped the Wine World Last Year

It was an eventful year for wine lovers in Sarasota.

01/04/2023 By Bob McGinn

Party like it's 2023

Say Goodbye to 2022 With a Glass of Quality Champagne

An estimated 360 million glasses of Champagne will be served this New Year's Eve.

12/29/2022 By Bob McGinn

Making Spirits Bright

Tired of Eggnog? Try a Bushwacker Cocktail This Holiday Season Instead

A Sarasota distillery offers a delicious and creamy cocktail that feels like a beach in a bottle.

12/21/2022 By Chloé Cuyler

A Gift From the Gods

You Need the Bahi Hut's New Commemorative Mug in Your Life

A perfect gift for any fan of Sarasota history or culture, this mug will sell out fast.

12/15/2022 By Lauren Jackson

Deep Red

Six California Pinot Noirs to Try This Holiday Season

A number of California small producers are bringing back pinot noir's depth and richness.

11/21/2022 By Bob McGinn

South County Update

Hurricane Ian Damaged Multiple Local Wine Bars. Here's How They're Faring.

Now is the time to show support for these great establishments.

11/09/2022 By Bob McGinn

Deep Red

Chronic Cellars Delivers a Real Treat for Wine Lovers This Halloween

The California winery is offering horror movie recommendations and a spooky Spotify playlist to go along with its Sir Real wine.

10/26/2022 By Bob McGinn


Shamrock Pub Is Hosting Pop-Up Comedy Nights

Beyond beer and wine, the neighborhood pub is serving up laughs.

10/13/2022 By Kim Doleatto