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Cocktail of the Week: Caragiulo's Giuseppe Palmer

This week: a tart take on a 19th-hole classic.

By Hannah Wallace September 7, 2016

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This week: The Giuseppe Palmer at Caragiulo's

The drink: Bourbon, limoncello and Earl Grey tea, garnished with mint leaves. Of course, this is a take on the classic Arnold Palmer (tea and lemonade) beverage, the alcoholic version of which is sometimes called a John Daly, which amuses me. In this case, you can taste equal parts bourbon, tart limoncello and Earl Grey, which gives it a more floral flavor than your traditional Arnie Palmer--a note that's played up by the mint, too.

The bar: A Sarasota classic on Palm Avenue, the long straight bar opposite walls lined with Italian movie posters, moody ambiance balanced by chatty downtown professionals.

Sophia loren caragiulos jfaude

Caragiulo's Sophia Loren

Food: Caragiulo's menu spans all the Italian-American classics, including fancier bar fare like jars filled with chicken liver pate or whipped lemon ricotta served with Tuscan toast.

Other notable potables: A selection of classic cocktails with a little added Italian flare, like the "Lower Manhattan" with Averna liqueur, or the Italian margarita with amaretto, or the "Sophia Loren" with vodka, grapefruit juice and elderflower liqueur.

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