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Cocktail of the Week: Phillippi Creek's Hawaiian Margarita

This week: a strawberry treat to beat the heat.

By Hannah Wallace August 24, 2016

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This week: The Hawaiian margarita at Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar

The drink: Tequila, strawberry puree and mashed pineapple, served frozen with a sour-sweet sugar rim. Let's face it, in this heat, frozen drinks are more than acceptable; they're encouraged. (For lunch, even.) And the strawberry here stops just short of being syrupy, so it's fruity and refreshing. The Sour Patch-esque rim is a nice surprise, too.

The bar: Phillippi Creek's rambling, creek-front, fish-house setting offers a ton of wooden tables inside or out by the docks. It's the kind of place where you might lose yourself taking in all the nautical brick-a-brack on the walls, or stare out over the water and possibly catch sight of a manatee or two.

Food: A ton of seafood options, of course, ranging from your regular fish-and-chips fare all the way to some pretty inventive dishes. 

Other notable potables: The usual fruity stuff on the cocktail menu, plus some more adventurous offerings on the "bartender's favorites" list, like the Pineapple Upside Down Martini or a "rum runner martini" featuring house-infused banana rum. 

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