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Oil, Fast Food, Luxury Furniture: Here's Home Resource Founder Michael Bush's Career Path

The owner of Sarasota luxury furniture retailer Home Resource started in the oil industry.

By Hannah Wallace September 1, 2016 Published in the September 2016 issue of Sarasota Magazine

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Michael Bush


(1976-1980) Software auditor, Burroughs, Detroit

“They kind of said, ‘Here, sit in front of a PC and start playing. Hack away.’ So I taught myself how to write a program to read data. I got access to the corporate payroll system. They didn’t know whether to throw me in jail or say, ‘Good job.’”

(1980-1983) Data security auditor, Mobil Corporation, Dallas

“I traveled throughout the company. People can see how well you perform, how you conduct yourself. What I didn’t realize at the time is that they were looking at me to be involved in starting a global business for them.”

(1983-1995) Financial management and strategic planning, Mobil Chemical, Brussels

“They flew four of us to Brussels, put us in a hotel, and said, ‘Guess what? You don’t have an office. Create it.’ We set up offices in Europe, Northern Africa, Asia, Latin America, creating a market for the polyethylene production that would eventually be there.”

(1995-1998) President, Domino’s Pizza UK, London

“The Domino’s board shipped me off to the UK to turn their business around. It was about paring away all the sundry stuff—sit-down restaurants, Häagen Dazs ice cream parlors—that had been brought in. Focus on what you do best.”

(1998-1999) CFO, Red Hot Concepts (Chili’s UK), London

“It was a far bigger disaster than Domino’s. It had been in the pub business, diners, a country-style hotel. It was just a group of unrelated stuff. I got it back to the core.”

(2000-2002) COO, Epicurean Life, Sarasota

“Epicurean Life was just getting started. There was Fred’s and Morton’s, the Tasting Room, a bakery and this little kosher deli. I ran that for two years. Start-up and turnaround have similarities. It’s about defining the vision.”

(2003-present) Owner, Home Resource, Sarasota

“During the recession, everyone else was focusing on price points. We invested in our staff, focused on the quality. That created a completely different customer base for us.”

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