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Burning Question

Does Sarasota Need to Put Pants on Its David?

A Florida school principal was forced to resign after a teacher showed Michaelangelo’s famous sculpture without warning parents first. Does that mean Sarasota's famous replica needs to cover up?

1:34pm By Isaac Eger

Good News

Rejoice! There's No More Red Tide at Sarasota's Beaches

That means we finally get our first red-tide-free weekend since Dec. 28, 2022.

12:47pm By Isaac Eger

You Belong Among the Wildflowers

You Can Pick Your Own Flowers at Hunsader Farms Right Now

Sunflowers, zinnias and wildflowers are ready to brighten your home.

03/22/2023 By Staff

Essential Intelligence

Everything You Need to Know About American Alligators

Lesser-known facts about our hair-raising neighbors.

03/20/2023 By Bethany Ritz

Climate Considered

These Folks Are Turning the Tide on How Climate Change Impacts Our Area

Sarasota's Climate Adaptation Center will present its inaugural awards on April 18, 2023.

03/20/2023 By Staff

See Weed

A Massive Sargassum Bloom Is Headed For Florida's Beaches

The bloom is so big you can see it from space. What does it mean for Sarasota-Manatee?

03/15/2023 By Isaac Eger

Listening to Black Voices

Longtime Human Resources Executive Mirian Graddick-Weir on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The daughter of a former nun and NASA's director of education, Graddick-Weir was most recently executive vice-president of human resources at Merck.

03/13/2023 By Heather Dunhill

Inability to Cope

Sarasota's Mental Health Crisis Isn't Going Away, and Families Are Struggling to Stay Together

Drug addiction, financial insecurity and unaddressed mental health problems are leading to high numbers of children being removed from their parents' care.

03/13/2023 By Matthew Gutierrez

Off the Rails

A Train Carrying 30,000 Gallons of Propane Derailed Near SRQ Airport on Tuesday

What other harmful chemicals are coming through our area that we don’t know about?

03/01/2023 By Isaac Eger

Only in Sarasota

Time Stands Still at Historic Spanish Point's Sunken Garden and Pergola

They were constructed by wealthy Sarasota socialite Bertha Palmer in the early 1900s.

03/01/2023 By John Pirman

Plot Twist

Finding Your Roots Is Easier Than Ever. But For Some Sarasotans, the Results Weren’t What They Expected

Some genealogy seekers have a passion for history ignited early in life. Others experience a triggering incident.

03/01/2023 By Emily Leinfuss

With Arms Wide Open

Sarasota Churches Offer Sanctuary and Hope to LGBTQ Christians

We spoke to leaders of five local LGBTQ-affirming churches to learn about their histories, congregations and the ways they’re maintaining hope amid anti-LGBTQ bigotry and political assaults.

03/01/2023 By Hannah Wallace

From the Editor

The Freedom to Read

Fear will drive good teachers out of the school system and undermine people’s trust in public education.

03/01/2023 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Putting Down Roots

One Man's Quest to Re-Wild the Intracoastal's Forgotten Islands

“I can’t stop the real estate developers, but I can save little pieces of Florida here and there,” John Hoover says.

03/01/2023 By Isaac Eger

Red Tide Alert

Red Tide Is Back, and It's Not Going Away Anytime Soon

A red tide bloom is covering 100 square miles of the Gulf. How long will it stick around? And how did it get here?

02/28/2023 By Isaac Eger

Play Ball!

Pittsburgh Pirates Fan Favorite Andrew McCutchen Is Back in the Black and Gold

McCutchen, who returns to the Pirates after several years away, is training with the team at LECOM Park in Bradenton.

02/24/2023 By Megan McDonald


Payne Park Was The First Site for Spring Training in Sarasota, 1924-1990

New York Giants' manager John J. "Mugsy" McGraw was the first to bring a team for spring training here.

02/24/2023 By Bethany Ritz


Sarasota Was Home to Baseball Legend Buck O'Neil (1911-2006)

In honor of Black History Month and the upcoming spring training season, we're remembering one of the most beloved players in baseball.

02/17/2023 By Bethany Ritz

Save the Sea Cow

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Is Facing a Deadline to Increase Manatee Protections

A new petition asks the USFWS to move manatees from threatened to endangered status under the Endangered Species Act. The deadline for it to act is Feb. 20.

02/17/2023 By Staff

My Furry Valentine

How Does a Furry Celebrate Valentine's Day in Sarasota?

AJ Riskey explains why stereotypes about furries are just that—stereotypes. "It’s just a costume," she says. "If someone can dress up as Superman, we can dress up as characters we made up ourselves."

02/14/2023 By Isaac Eger