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Cocktail of the Week: P.F. Chang's Honey Thyme G&T

Getting herby and aromatic at the Asian chain's downtown location.

By Hannah Wallace August 16, 2016

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P.F. Chang's honey thyme G&T (with an Anejo Buzz margarita in the background).

 This week: The honey and thyme G&T at P.F. Chang's

The drink: Gin, honey water, fresh lemon juice and tonic, garnished with a sprig of thyme. Honestly, there's not much to distinguish it from your other hard lemonade-type options out there. It's fizzy and citrus-y and plenty fine for a hot summer evening. What does it for me is the sprig of thyme. I'm a sucker for herbaceous cocktails, and thyme might be my favorite. The aroma adds that all-important second note and also makes up a bit for the gin that you can't quite taste in the cocktail itself.

The bar: A high-ceilinged behemoth at the southern outskirts of downtown Sarasota, Chang's can accommodate big parties of after-work revelers.

Food factor: The happy hour menu ($6 or less, 3-6 p.m.) features enough Chang's favorites to keep you sated, including Kung Pao tacos, dim sum dumplings and the signature lettuce wraps.

Other notable potables: Margarita fans should check out the Añejo Buzz (añejo tequila, cointreau, honey water, lemon juice and mint), and mules, mojitos and martinis are all well represented, too. Plus there's a whole separate cocktail menu of rich after-dinner options.

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