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Cocktail of the Week: Columbia's Mojito

Stave off summer with a rum classic.

By Hannah Wallace June 28, 2016

Columbia mojito v2pekx

This week: The mojito at Columbia on St. Armands Circle

The drink: This classic Cuban cocktail features Don Casimiro silver rum, lime juice, simple syrup and fresh muddled mint with a splash of soda, garnished with more mint and a stick of sugar cane. Mint and citrus are great flavors for beating the heat, and Columbia's airy, Havana-ish environment makes it taste all the more authentic.

The bar: An open and inviting restaurant spot on the northeast "corner" of the Circle, Columbia's bar area is accommodating enough, although the sidewalk seating is where it's really at.

Food: An obvious pick for a Cuban sandwich, the menu is also chock full of Caribbean and Spanish classics, and the warm, fresh Cuban bread that accompanies your meal is killer. 

Other notable potables: The 1950s Cuban theme covers margaritas and daiquiris, of course, but also a classic Manhattan and a martini with Cabrales cheese-stuffed olives.

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