News from the Sarasota Real Estate Market: April 2015

Advice for home builders, new home models and more.

04/02/2015 By Ilene Denton


Top Sale: 26 S. Sandy Hook Road, Siesta Key

The Siesta Key homes on Sandy Hook Road and Beach Road, respectively, are January's top residential real estate sales.

04/02/2015 By Ilene Denton


Home of the Month: Carl Abbott's Casa del Cielo

Bob Plunket takes us inside a piece of Sarasota architectural history--Casa del Cielo on Siesta Key.

03/01/2015 By Robert Plunket


Photo of the Week: Siesta Key Beach Sunset

This week's photo of the week provides a breathtaking sunset on Siesta Key Beach.

01/22/2015 By Bobbilynn Hollifield


For Sale: Siesta Key Home with a Rooftop Pool

This week, our Real Estate Junkie takes us inside a Siesta Key property with a rooftop pool that just happens to be for sale.

09/30/2014 By Bob Plunket


Photo of the Week: Pelican Diving

This week's Photo of the Week features a lone pelican hunting for its supper at sunset on Siesta Key

08/21/2014 By Bobbilynn Hollifield


Vintage Sarasota: Picnics at "Uncle Ben" Stickney's

In the early years of this century, before bridges connected the keys to the mainland, a favorite place to have a picnic was "Uncle Ben" Stickney's.

07/21/2014 By Larry Kelleher


Siesta Key Beach Night Storm

This week's Photo of the Week is a capture of a night storm on Siesta Key Beach

07/03/2014 By Bobbilynn Hollifield


Seabirds on Siesta Key

This week's Photo of the Week is a stunning shot of seabirds gathering for supper on Siesta Key beach

06/26/2014 By Bobbilynn Hollifield


iShots: Winter at the Beach

For this week's collection of iShots, Robert Castro zooms in on one of the reasons we love living in Sarasota: Spending winter days at its beaches.

01/03/2014 By robertc


Chef Judi Revisits The Cottage on Siesta Key

Chef Judi finds much to love when she revisits The Cottage--and Chef Larry Epler's creative fusion menu--on Siesta Key.

12/30/2013 By staff


From the Editor: What to Do in Sarasota

Pam Daniel and Sarasota Magazine staffers share their favorite things to do in Sarasota.

12/02/2013 By Pam Daniel


For Sale: Classic Sarasota Luxury on Siesta Key

Bob Plunket's Home of the Month is pure Siesta Key luxury.

12/02/2013 By Bob Plunket


Photo of the Week: Happy Seagull

This week's Photo of the Week: A happy seagull on Siesta Key Beach.

11/21/2013 By taylorm


iShots: Sarasota Chalk Festival and Siesta Key Crystal Classic

This week, photographer Robert Castro checks out some of the world-class festivals happening in Sarasota right now: the Chalk Festival and the Siesta Key Crystal Classic Master Sand Sculpting Competition.

11/15/2013 By robertc


An Ode to Sarasota’s Dive Bars

Novelist Tim Dorsey pens an ode to two of Sarasota's most famous dive bars: The Crescent Club and the Bahi Hut.

11/01/2013 Photography by Brian Braun By Tim Dorsey


Photo of the Week: Varying Textures

This classic black and white shot taken at Siesta Key Beach really helps highlight the varying textures of those exceptional wind-blown clouds.

10/10/2013 By taylorm


Home Tour: A Modern Coastal Cottage on Siesta Key

A Siesta Key cottage with an artistic pedigree goes from tear-down to terrific.

10/01/2013 By Ilene Denton Photography by Raif Fluker


Photo of the Week: Electrifying Sunset on Turtle Beach

This week: A neon purple sunset on Siesta Key Beach.

09/12/2013 By saraf


Photo of the Week: Sarasota Rainbow Colored Sunset

This week: A gorgeous multicolored Sarasota sunset.

08/22/2013 By saraf