Recap: MTV's Siesta Key Season 2, Episode 9: 'Cheers to Sunday Funday!'

Who would have thought that the most interesting character in this show about 20-somethings on the beach would be Pauly's sweet grandmother?

By Giulia Heyward March 13, 2019

No matter the episode, Alex Kompo remains the shadiest character on the show


With only a couple episodes left, season two of Siesta Key is winding down. Which means MTV is determined to sandwich in as much drama as possible before things come to a close. Here's a roundup of what happened in "Cheers to Sunday Funday!"

I'm going to start with the juiciest event of this episode: Pauly's arrest. Pauly is the hard-partying cousin of Alex Kompo, and he has recently been embroiled with the law. It all began when the police caught him in possession of an open container a few episodes back. Pauly had a court date that he never appeared for, which led to a warrant for his arrest. The police eventually did find Pauly... while he was driving back home from picking up weed. Pauly had an ounce of marijuana in his car, a felony in the state of Florida, as he tells his uncle, Gary Kompo.

"God forbid you don't have weed," Gary says.

At first, Pauly wanted to keep his arrest a secret from his grandmother. After Pauly's parents passed away, his grandmother has been funding his Siesta Key lifestyle, supplying him with thousands of dollars each month and a fancy car in which to get around. When she finds his mugshot online, she is not pleased, and lets him know that he is out of the trust fund, and she'll be taking away his car.

"Not my car," Pauly pleads.

"No," his grandmother corrects. "My car."

It's great TV, but unfortunately, it's fleeting.

Tawni and Ben have been sending each other late-night texts and lewd photos. This would be pretty tame if it weren't for the fact that Ben is in a relationship with Madisson. When Tawni lets Madisson know what Ben has been up to, Madisson does not believe Tawni. Instead, she tells off Tawni for messaging her boyfriend in the first place.

But we, the viewers, know that Tawni is telling the truth. And so does Madisson, because Chloe lets her know that Tawni has proof, which Chloe has seen "with [her] own eyes." So it's no surprise when Madison breaks up with Ben. Convenient, seeing that Brandon, another old flame of Madisson's, also recently broke up with his girlfriend, Camilla, meaning the two are both newly single. The show hints that they could be getting back together soon.

Alex and Juliette, meanwhile, are hiding their rekindled relationship. After Alex was discovered with two girls in his bed, the entire crew is telling Juliette that she needs to dump him. Embarrassed by his quasi-infidelities, Juliette is afraid to come out publicly that she has taken him back. But this is an MTV show powered by drama. So Alex and Juliette leave his expensive home and head to the tiki bar where everyone else is hanging out. At some point, Juliette tells Amanda, another 20-something blonde receiving an MTV check, that she does, in fact, know that Alex cheated on her, but the thought of being alone is worse than being with someone who's unfaithful to her. Honey.

Fortunately, Amanda gives it to her straight, telling her that breaking up with Alex is "the best thing [she] could do with [her] life." (Ouch. Isn't Gary Kompo, Alex's dad, the one who started this MTV show?) So Juliette breaks up Alex. And no matter how much melancholy music MTV plays in the background, I don't buy any of it. Alex and Juliette break up every episode! The last few minutes of the episode are dedicated to an awkward interaction with Alex and one of his ex's, Cara. He's very clearly trying to flirt with her, and she's not having any of it.

Neither are we. See you next week.

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