Real Estate Junkie

A Look at Boca Royale, Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's New Home

Flynn and his wife just paid $545,000 for a three-bedroom, two-bath home in the golf course community.

04/22/2021 By Robert Plunket

Life Story

HBO Planning New Documentary About Paul Reubens

The two-part series documentary will shine a light on Reubens, who created the beloved character Pee-wee Herman.

03/12/2021 By Megan McDonald and Robert Plunket

Wish They Were Here

Six Sarasota Tourist Attractions From the Past

Let's take a look at these long-gone favorites and try to discover what they say about our town and its history.

03/06/2021 By Robert Plunket

Real Estate Junkie

Peek Inside a Folksy 1925 Braden Castle Cottage

This place went under contract the day after it was listed, an indication of today's market and the appeal of Braden Castle.

03/05/2021 By Robert Plunket

Home of a Legend

Inside Tennis Legend Nick Bollettieri's Bradenton Home

There are no trophies—or even a tennis court—at coach Nick Bollettieri’s waterfront house.

03/01/2021 By Robert Plunket

Real Estate Junkie

For Sale: A Lavish Siesta Key Home With Amazing Views

There are many “best views” in Sarasota, but this home has one of the top five: straight across the bay to the downtown skyline.

02/19/2021 By Robert Plunket

Real Estate Junkie

What's Better Than the Super Bowl Halftime Show? A Peek Inside Tom Brady's Tampa Mansion

The home—which Brady has been renting from Derek Jeter—is on the market for $29 million.

02/06/2021 By Robert Plunket

Real Estate Junkie

For Sale: Banyan House, a Venice Bed Breakfast

Its namesake banyan tree was a gift to the original owner from Thomas Edison.

02/05/2021 By Robert Plunket

Real Estate Junkie

For Sale: A Ritz-Carlton Penthouse With Design Pedigree

It’s formal and traditional and even cozy—or as cozy as a 4,668 square foot condo can be.

01/29/2021 By Robert Plunket

The Elephant Polka

The Strange, Spectacular, Sad Story of The Ringling Bros.' Elephant Polka

In 1942, the Ringling Bros. circus convinced Balanchine and Stravinsky to produce a ballet—for elephants.

12/30/2020 By Robert Plunket

Real Estate Junkie

Mick Jagger Purchases Home in Lakewood Ranch

You can't always get what you want...but for $1.98 million, you just might get what you need.

12/17/2020 By Robert Plunket

Real Estate Junkie

For Sale: A Bird Key Estate With Sunset Views Over the Bay

There’s an odd piece of trivia connected with the house, too.

12/17/2020 By Robert Plunket

Curtain Up

Want the Juicy Inside Gossip on Broadway?

Join Sarasota Magazine for “A Conversation with Michael Riedel,” the famous New York Post columnist, broadcaster and theater critic.

12/04/2020 By Robert Plunket

Real Estate Junkie

For Sale: A Midcentury Home in Downtown Sarasota

If you’re looking for a place downtown that’s not just another condo or townhouse, check out this mid-century gem that’s right on Main Street.

12/04/2020 By Robert Plunket

If These Walls Could Talk

The Secrets and Scandals Inside Sarasota's Famous Mansions

Let’s take a look at seven homes, each with a special place in the story of our town.

12/01/2020 By Robert Plunket

Downtown Neighborhood Guide

Where to Live in Downtown Sarasota

So you want to live downtown? Here's your guide.

11/20/2020 By Robert Plunket and Staff

Real Estate Junkie

For Sale: The Ultimate Beach Shack

The design offers all sorts of wings and terraces and spaces scattered around, perfect for large-scale entertaining (well, post-Covid) or just hanging out with your whiskey-drinking friends.

11/13/2020 By Robert Plunket

Real Estate Junkie

For Sale: A Sarasota School of Architecture Home in Dade City

This house is an untouched time capsule of 1960s design, with all the earmarks of the style.

10/28/2020 By Robert Plunket

Real Estate Junkie

For Sale: Manasota Key Modern With a Bohemian Vibe

This home was built back in 1973 but has been added to and updated over the years—and it typifies what makes Manasota Key so special.

10/22/2020 By Robert Plunket

Real Estate Junkie

For Sale: A High-Tech Cottage Renovation in Bradenton

Instead of renovating the 1925 house in a cutesy, shabby-chic way, the owners have rethought it as a stylish home/office that would be perfect for a young entrepreneur.

10/09/2020 By Robert Plunket