Congratulations to former national security adviser Michael Flynn on the purchase of his new home at Boca Royale in Englewood. Flynn and his wife, Lori, just paid $545,000 for a three-bedroom, two-bath home in the golf course community, one of the nicest in the southern part of Sarasota County.

I have long been a fan of Boca Royale. It dates back to the 1970s and was designed in the Georgian style. The homes and clubhouse have a “Bermuda” look—classical architecture that suggests another South County community, The Oaks in Osprey. Boca Royale lacks the social prestige of The Oaks but it also lacks the price tag. A million-dollar home here is pretty special, while a million dollar home in The Oaks is nothing to brag about—if you can find one.

In 2012, Boca Royale wasn't doing so well and was bought by mega-developer Pat Neal, thus becoming a Neal Community. We all know those numerous little developments that dot the local landscape, where the homes start around $300,000 and everything —homes, amenities, signage—looks the same.

Boca Royale was unique in the Neal portfolio, as it was somebody else’s vision. Neal gussied the place up—by this point it needed it—and began to develop the unbuilt portion of 400 acres. He builds his regular models, which means the Georgian charm of the place is getting diluted. But older homes do come on the market, and I would try and find one of these. They are refined and elegant and very well priced.

The Flynns have relatives in Boca Royale. Two of his brothers live here, though not Charles, who was the general involved in the Army’s response—or lack thereof—to the Capitol riots. That will come in handy as there isn’t much to do in Englewood and it’s a long dark drive home from the Asolo or the Opera. But I have a feeling there are a lot of MAGA meetings going on, and it’s an easy drive over to Mar-a-Lago, should the occasion ever arise.

Here's a sampling of what's for sale.

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