Recap: MTV's Siesta Key Season 2, Episode 7: 'It's Been A Day'

This week, we learn that this show takes monogamy and throws it out the window. We also find out when peak "booty-call hours" take place.

By Giulia Heyward February 27, 2019

The MTV Siesta Key crew


With six episodes left, we are officially at the halfway point of this season. Dysfunction and the Siesta Key crew go together like peanut butter and jelly, and "It's Been A Day" is no exception. Each scene is another opportunity for the 20-somethings to scream at one another with a waterside restaurant, dimly-lit club or sandy shore as the setting. Let's get into it:  

Last episode, Juliette broke up with her boyfriend—and star of the show—Alex, after catching him in bed with two girls. Alex claims that nothing happened, they were just two drunk girls who needed a place to crash since they couldn't get home. That explanation still leaves plenty of open-ended questions. For example, why was there an opportunity for intoxicated girls to be at your house in the first place, especially when your girlfriend had no idea? I mean, you live in one of the most expensive homes in Sarasota, why was your bed the only option? Were all of your guest bedrooms taken?  

But this isn't a show that runs on logic. People want raw emotion. So Juliette just cries.

Meanwhile, rapper Brandon invites his ex-girlfriend Madisson to star in a music video for his song "Somber," which is also about her. The video features lots of longing gazes between the two, and Brandon whining about missing Madisson. Both of their respective current partners are upset by this; Brandon's current girlfriend, Camilla, side-eyes every girl Brandon interacts with. This doesn't seem to faze Brandon, as he tells Madisson that her current boyfriend Ben's jealousy is a "big, red flag," while also telling Madisson that cheating on her was Brandon's biggest regret. Clearly, they're setting up something romantic between these two. 

If that wasn't enough of a hint of what's to come, there's also the fact that Madisson's boyfriend has already starting flirting with Tawni. In fact, they're sexting. If you've forgotten who Tawni is, she broke her best-friend-slash-make-out-buddy Canvas's heart when she rejected Canvas's romantic advances. But now, Tawni and Ben are sending each other risqué texts at 2 a.m. This is, as one character aptly points out, peak "booty-call hours."

As a note to everyone, if there is one bit of helpful info to pull from this entire show, let it be that sexy texts and risqué photos can very easily be shared  (and might even end up on a national TV network). Canvas lets Ben and Tawni's behavior slip to Chloe, who begins snooping on Ben's activity whenever Madisson isn't around. 

In other news, the entire crew meet up at Big Pass sand bar. Everyone is upset with Alex for inexplicably having two girls in his bed and Alex feels like he's being attacked. He pulls the most stereotypical Florida move ever and drives off in his boat. 

Meanwhile, Chloe lets slip to Garrett and Cara that Ben's been texting Tawni. Realizing that people are on to his antics, Ben surprises Madisson with a dinner date and promptly spins a story about how Tawni's advances are completely one-sided. Spoiler alert: This makes him a jerk. Not to mention that one swift look at either person's phone would show the truth. I mean, you texted Tawni at, like, "booty-call hours," Ben. 

Finally, Juliette and Alex reconvene at a restaurant, which is special to both of them because it's where they first discussed going steady in the first place. There's lots of crying and dramatic looks to the camera before the predictable conclusion: they get back together. And sure enough, they'll be back next week to do it all over again. 

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