Now’s the time to buy an ultra-expensive home in the Sarasota area. Last week we reported a $2 million price drop on Villa de Sogno on Longboat. This week brings the news that Aquadisia, a 3.76 acre estate in the Sanderling Club on Siesta Key is back on the market at $1.45 million less.

The new price is $15.5 million. Kind of hefty, true, but look what you get. Two houses, one called Aquadisia—in this price range it’s appropriate to name your house—that has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. It was originally designed by Guy Peterson but has been redesigned and updated yet still seems very much a Peterson home—i.e., crisp, modern and a little avant garde. The other house, called The Point, is described as having “outstanding potential.” It has 3 bedroom and 2 baths. There may or may not be a third house facing Heron Lagoon. Aquadisia has been listed by several different realtors over the years; sometimes the third house is mentioned, sometimes it is not.

 The outstanding feature of the property is its extraordinary gardens. They are formal in design, with a grove of 48 royal palms, a labyrinth, all sorts of pools, a wall of water, etc. Some of the outdoor area is lawn, other parts are crushed shell. There’s also a massage room, made completely of glass

When a property is this expensive it is customary to commission a video as a promotional tool and Aquadisia, having been on the market pretty much since 2014 when it was priced at a whopping $22 million, has a bunch. The one you must see was made in partnership with the improv company at Florida Studio Theatre. I can’t decide if it’s brilliant or falls into the category of “what were they thinking.” At any rate, check it out below.

 7712 and 7660 Sanderling Road are co-listed by Peg Davant, (941) 356-4552, and the Schemmel Property Group (941) 308-6497; both are with Premier Sotheby's


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