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Recap: MTV's Siesta Key, Season 2, Episode 6: 'A Second-Tier Friend'

I have officially become numb to the manufactured plot lines of this show.

By Giulia Heyward February 20, 2019

Things get awkward on the set of Brandon's new music video

Image: Courtesy MTV

"A Second-Tier Friend" begins like any other episode of Siesta Key. As the 20-somethings sip their cocktails and make small talk at yet another waterside restaurant, the conversation suddenly takes a nose dive. It's honestly pretty confusing, but here are the CliffsNotes: Juliette is upset when her friend Garrett looks at her in a funny way. She's even more upset when her boyfriend, Alex, doesn't intervene. Instead, Alex's loyal sidekick, Pauly, tells Juliette that she's ungrateful. In the most relatable moment of the season, an upset Juliette calls an Uber. Minutes later, Alex is seen flirting with his old flame, Cara.

In the next scene, Canvas is working at a tiki bar with her friend and occasional make out buddy, Tawni. It's odd to see them hanging out, considering that, last week, Tawni told Canvas she wasn't interested in being more than friends. This, we were told, was devastating for Canvas. While they're working, they spot Madisson's boyfriend, Ben, looking forlorn. He's upset that his girlfriend is off somewhere shooting a music video with her ex. Tawni decides the best solution is to flirt with him.

Meanwhile, Brandon is shooting a new music video for his R&B ballad "Somber." Alana, the singer featured on the track, tells him that inviting your ex-girlfriend to star in a music video about a song you wrote about her is weird. But, she adds, Brandon's current girlfriend, Camila, shouldn't be upset about Brandon hanging out with other girls. Alana says that Brandon's newfound fame means that groupies and obsessive fans will always be around the corner. Pause. I'm pretty sure Brandon's girlfriend doesn't care that he's spending time with you, Alana. Camila seems more worried about Brandon hanging out with his ex, Madisson.

The music video for "Somber" did conveniently drop last night—at the same time this show aired. Check it out:

At the end of the episode, Ben and Madisson break up while shopping for plants. Meanwhile, Juliette walks in on Alex with another girl in his bed. You mean the guy who flirted with a different girl seconds after you first broke up was unfaithful? Shocker.

Maybe it's because I'm six weeks into this season, but despite this being one of the more drama-filled episodes, it came off as dull. The plot line of each episode is formulaic: Alex and Juliette fight, other characters have conversations at a bar somewhere and a cameraman remembers at the last minute to include some shots of Garrett's abs. Yet, somehow I show up for more. Until next week...

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