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Recap: MTV Siesta Key, Season 2, Episode 3: 'Sorry! I Don't Owe You Anything'

Siesta Key isn't slowing down, and neither are we. Let's get into it.

By Giulia Heyward January 30, 2019

The richest kid on Siesta Key, who also refuses to pay for your pizza

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"Sorry! I Don't Owe You Anything" takes us back to Juliette and Look Alike No. 1, Amanda. I'll spare several minutes of emotionless dialogue and B-roll of the water to get to the good stuff: Alex's shocking revelation from last episode is that Chloe has been trying to sabotage his relationship with Juliette because Chloe is secretly in love with him.

But we barely have time to chew on this revelation before we're gifted a scene with the Gary Kompothecras. If anyone had forgotten that Alex is the richest kid on Siesta Key, then his father gifting him a Bentley SUV as his third car is a reminder. Father and son take it for a spin while Gary dishes out some love advice. (Maybe he's read our latest romance feature story?)

In other (less interesting) storylines, Brandon works in the studio with Alana, a singer who is definitely not his current groupie girlfriend. Brandon is conflicted, as he eloquently puts it: "Relationships are just a lot of responsibility." Madisson, meanwhile, struggles with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Ben, while Garrett, everyone's favorite mannequin, takes Cara out on a date. The most exciting thing about this is that it takes place at Mote.

Is it an episode of Siesta Key if Juliette doesn't have an emotional break down?

Image: Courtesy MTV

The whole gang arrive at a '70s party in an undisclosed beach location. I need to take the time to share that their costumes are so disappointing. It’s a mob of tie-dye bandanas and half-assed outfits and I’m wondering how, with all the money that’s on Siesta Key right now, did no one have time to head to Party City?

But the fashion crimes can wait. We’re given a brief montage of Jared and Kelsey leaping into the water together. They’re both scantily clad and laughing and I feel as if I’m looking at an early 2000s Abercrombie & Fitch ad.

Because we need drama, we're treated to another conversation between Juliette and Chloe. Juliette thinks it’s hurtful that Cara is once again at the group hangout, but Chloe doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal. Juliette then counters with her knowledge about Chloe’s secret feelings for Alex and Chloe rebuts with the fact that Juliette is insecure about her relationship with Alex. Well, duh.

In the next scene, Chloe confronts Alex about what he told Juliette. (I need to stop for a second to note that, for as much as Alex talks about law school, this is the first time we've seen him in front of a computer looking at a syllabus.) We learn that what Alex said is actually true, that Chloe did have feelings for him.

But in the episode's final scene, Chloe explains to Juliette that those feelings are long gone. Yes, she did try to sabotage their relationship, but she's ready to turn over a new leaf if it means they can be friends again (and more importantly, get invited to a Miami road trip later on). The olive branch is extended at the White Buffalo Saloon over the sound of pulsating techno music while kids dance in impractical cowboy boots.

It's an ending so sweet, it could give you a toothache. Until, that is, Juliette orders a pizza at the bar and Alex loses it. He's upset that he "does so much" for her, by which he means he pays for all their dates. So the man who was just gifted a Bentley SUV is upset over the fact that his girlfriend wanted a pizza? He’s upset about it enough to call over his friend, Pauly, who tells Alex the worst relationship advice ever: It's better to break up with her now rather than cheat on her later. Um... what?

Finally, we get a scene of Juliette crying and the promise that more will be revealed during a trip to Miami slated for the next episode. Until then!

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