Recap: MTV's Siesta Key Season 2, Episode 10: 'I Had High Hopes for You.'

With only two episodes left before the season finale, this is truly the show that runs out my patience.

By Giulia Heyward March 20, 2019

Jared gets his heart broken, and it's all caught on camera. 

Image: Courtesy MTV

It's another week, and we are back. Here's a roundup of what happened on "I Had High Hopes For You." 

Last week, Pauly was kicked out of his family trust fund after his grandmother found out that he could spend up to a year in prison after being caught with a felony amount of marijuana. Pauly actually has to work for a living now. It's humiliating for the 27-year-old who watches as his $80,000 black Mercedes is towed away. Tragic. 

Fortunately, his aunt Beth needs someone to help out at her furniture store. At first, Pauly isn't interested because he's a "classically trained musician" who just needs a job "before I hit the charts." If you were interested in hearing some of his Billboard-worthy music, we've helpfully linked you to some:

Pauly hopes that, by showing his grandmother how responsible he has become, he'll be able to get back into the trust fund. He obviously asks all the right questions before being hired. "How many breaks do we get?" Pauly asks.

Meanwhile, Madisson has broken up with her boyfriend after she caught him sending sexts to a different girl. Newly single, and there are already suitors after her. Jared thinks that he would be good for Madisson because he "would never wrong her like that." The standards are so high.  Then there's Madisson's ex-boyfriend, Brandon, also newly single. Aspiring rapper Brandon is about to go on tour, and maintains that he just wants to focus on his music career. But with all the alone time the producers give the duo, and the suggestive camera pans to any casual conversation they have, we know this is a lie. Sure enough, Jared pulls up to Madisson's driveway just in time to see Brandon leaving her house.

The show's resident dysfunctional pairing, Juliette and Alex, are newly broken up. Last week, Alex was having a hard time getting over Juliette, so he even invites Cara, a former flame of his, over so that Alex can talk about his feelings. When Juliette finds out, she is not happy. 

For context, Cara is just one in a list of girls from the show who have dated Garrett, while also fraternizing with Alex on the side. The last two times, it ended up with Garrett being cheated on. So the fact that Cara is even hanging out with Alex late at night is not OK. 

Garrett breaks up with Cara almost immediately. "I honestly don't want to deal with a girl that's involved with Alex," Garrett says. "I don't want to be with you anymore, sorry." Ouch. 

And with each episode passing by, we inch closer and closer to the season finale. Here's hoping there isn't a season 3. 

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