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The Sea Hagg Returns

Jan Holman has breathed new life into her Sea Hagg brand with a nautical-themed vacation rental in a nearby Cortez cottage.

01/08/2024 By Kim Doleatto

foxy rebirth

The Fox Mercantile Has Opened in the Former Sea Hagg Space in Cortez

Take a look at the cozy new cafe, shop and event space run by Ashley Petrone, who also owns the nearby Joie Inn.

10/11/2023 By Kim Doleatto

Going Naked

This Cortez Resident Lives Without Air Conditioning. Yes, Really.

"We do fine," she says.

07/07/2023 By Pam Daniel

A Whole New World

10 Neighborhoods Where Everything Is Changing

From new roundabouts and a downtown condo boom to expansive sprawl and new McMansions, our region’s profile is in flux.

03/03/2023 By Kim Doleatto


The Cortez Post Office Will Remain Open for Another Five Years

The announcement comes after residents expressed concern about plans to close it earlier this year.

12/10/2021 By Allison Forsyth


The Cortez Post Office Will Remain Open Until the End of October

Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Longboat Key, announced Friday that the post office will remain open for longer than originally planned and that a long-term solution may soon be found.

10/22/2021 By Allison Forsyth

Mail fail

Cortez Residents Bemoan Plans to Close the Village's Post Office

Home delivery is not offered in parts of Cortez, which means many residents will have to drive to pick up their daily mail.

10/21/2021 By Allison Forsyth


Historian's Talk Will Raise Money for Maritime Museum

Historian Jack E. Davis, recently featured in Sarasota Magazine, will speak at a fundraiser for the Florida Maritime Museum on Thursday, March 14

01/25/2019 By Staff

Treasure Hunter

Jan Holman’s Sea Hagg Sells Nautical Salvage From Times Gone By

“Everything has a story and there’s much magic in what I do,” Holman says. “It almost feels like this place has a life of its own.”

12/03/2018 By Susan Burns


New Cortez Development to Be 'Carbon-Free'

Los Angeles' Sonnen is partnering with Sarasota's Pearl Homes to build a network of homes in Cortez that will be carbon-neutral.

11/16/2018 By Staff

Real Estate Junkie

For Sale: The Ultimate Waterfront Cottage

This little home has been beautifully—and expensively—remodeled.

11/16/2018 By Robert Plunket


New 'Passport' Created to Boost Cortez Businesses and Nonprofits

The Florida Maritime Museum and nearby merchants will soon offer a 'Cortez Passport' intended to encourage visitors to explore the area.

05/11/2018 By Staff


The Cottages of Cortez

Surrounded by modern Florida, these quaint, handmade homes endure.

07/26/2017 By Robert Plunket

Super Smoker

10 Bucks or Less: Sea Smoke

A newish Cortez shop smokes its own fish and bacon, makes head cheese from scratch and serves up dope lunch grub.

07/24/2017 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Spirits of Sarasota

Cocktail of the Week: Seafood Shack's Rum Punch

This week: a tropical standard at an iconic Cortez spot.

10/26/2016 By Hannah Wallace


New Adventure Rental Center Coming to Cortez

On Thursday, Sept. 15, Adventure Away will launch AMI Adventure and Rentals Center in the historic Cortez fishing village.

08/18/2016 Research by staff


Manatee Planning Commission OKs Cortez Development

The Manatee County Planning Commission last week voted in favor of a mixed-use project with 1,950 residential units, 90,000 square feet of commercial space, storage space for 200 boats and a boat ramp and marina basin.

07/18/2016 Research by staff


Seafood Shack Hosts Coastal Collaboration Dinner on Sept. 2

The dinner will feature a four-course meal by Manatee County chefs and a reading and Q&A, moderated by Sarasota Magazine web editor Megan McDonald, with author Vanessa LaFaye on the 80th anniversary of the Labor Day hurricane of 1935.

08/25/2015 By Megan McDonald


F.I.S.H.BoatWorks Aims to Save Wooden Boats

A Cortez group of wooden boat restorers takes on its biggest project yet.

04/01/2015 By Bobbilynn Hollifield


Cortez's Karen Bell Ships Local Seafood All Over the World

Restaurateur and supplier Karen Bell of Cortez Village is a seafood star.

01/29/2015 By Hannah Wallace