Hurricane Ian

Emergency Vehicles Are No Longer Responding to Calls in Sarasota County

Winds have reached 45 mph, which means it’s not safe for emergency personnel to be on the roads.

By Megan McDonald September 28, 2022

As winds from Hurricane Ian reached 45 mph in Sarasota County, government officials are pulling emergency vehicles from the roads to keep them safe. Additionally, all of Sarasota Memorial Hospital's campuses, including SMH Sarasota, SMH Venice and North Port ECC, have been locked down for safety.

"If you dial 911, [operators] will give you guidance on what to do over the phone, but they can't send a vehicle," Sarasota County emergency management chief Ed McCrane said in a video update.

He added that if the storm gets worse, residents should "get to a safe room with less windows and doors to ride out the storm.

"Now is the time to shelter in place," McCrane concluded.

The extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane is packing sustained winds of 155 mph—just 2 mph below a Category 5 storm—and moving ashore over Sanibel and Captiva islands. An extreme wind warning is currently in effect for south central Sarasota County and southwestern Charlotte County.

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