Best of Sarasota 2020

Readers’ Choice: Best Breakfasts, Brunches and Lunches

Our readers pick their favorite spots to start the day or grab a midday meal.



Let's Learn How to Make Edamame Succotash With Nancy Krohngold

Via Zoom, the owner of Nancy's Bar-B-Q gives us the recipe for one of her most beloved side dishes.

04/30/2020 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Best of Sarasota 2020

Readers’ Choice: Best Kids’ Menu

These dishes for little ones get the thumbs-up from our readers.


Best of Sarasota 2020

Readers’ Choice: Best Food Trucks

You can find creative cuisine—from tacos to tahini—at Sarasota food trucks. Here are our readers' favorites.


Best of Sarasota 2020

Readers’ Choice: Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Our readers' picks remind us how delicious and healthy plant-based eating can be.


Best of Sarasota 2020

Readers’ Choice: Best Seafood

In the mood for fresh fish? Check out any one of these reader-approved choices.


Haus Party

New Vietnamese Restaurant Opens

Búnhaus specializes in affordable and customizable spring rolls, bánh mì sandwiches, bowls and pho.

04/28/2020 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Best Of Sarasota 2020

Readers' Choice: Best Drinks and Bars

Quench your thirst at our readers' favorite bars.



Mattison's Donates More Than 600 Meals for COVID-19 Relief

The restaurant group is partnering with local businesses to prepare and deliver meals to first responders and underserved populations.

04/24/2020 By Staff

Can do

How to Get Your Hands on Local Beer Despite Taproom Closures

There's no reason to subsist on substandard beer while you ride this thing out.

04/24/2020 By Cooper Levey-Baker


Bradenton Farmers Market Begins Offering Online Orders

Orders must be placed by late Wednesday to be picked up on Saturday.

04/21/2020 By Cooper Levey-Baker


Two Out of Three Restaurant Workers Have Lost Their Jobs

A new survey from the National Restaurant Association estimates that the restaurant industry will lose $80 billion in sales by the end of April.

04/21/2020 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Best of Sarasota 2020

Readers' Choice: Best Neighborhood Joints

From Lakewood Ranch to Venice, here are our readers' votes for their favorite neighborhood restaurants.


Local Produce

You Can Still Go Blueberry Picking at Albritton Fruit Farms

Pick fresh blueberries, then use your bounty to make blueberry pancakes. You won't regret it.

04/17/2020 By Allison Forsyth


Sarasota Restaurants Shift to Support Those in Need

During the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants have been feeding hungry kids, police officers, front-line health care workers and many more.

04/16/2020 By Cooper Levey-Baker


'It's Been Like Hell': How the COVID-19 Shutdowns Have Hurt a Local Dairy

Dakin Dairy Farms is being forced to dump 7,000 gallons of milk a day because of lost sales.

04/15/2020 By Cooper Levey-Baker


Restaurant Association Says More Help for the Industry Is Needed

After the pandemic passes, the National Restaurant Association warns, nearly all American restaurants will be "in desperate need of cash."

04/13/2020 By Cooper Levey-Baker


How to Up Your Wine Education During the Pandemic

From expert certifications to casual virtual tastings, there are a number of ways to learn more about wine while you're stuck at home.

04/10/2020 By Bob McGinn


Expert Bartender Begins Offering Video Cocktail Tutorials

Unable to tend bar because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rob Boyland has begun teaching people how to do it themselves.

04/10/2020 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Easter Sunday

Pick Up Easter Dinner at One of These Local Restaurants

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of local restaurants are offering easy takeout options this year.

04/08/2020 By Allison Forsyth