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A Completely Biased and Unscientific List of Reasons Why Tervis Is Better Than Stanley

In a world full of Stanleys, be a Tervis.

By Megan McDonald January 9, 2024

Tervis would never

That's the conclusion we've come to after multiple news outlets reported camp-outs, chaos and, in some places, carnage, over the launch of a limited-edition Valentine's Day collaboration between Starbucks, Target and Stanley. 

Stanley, which is headquartered in Seattle and has been around since 1913, was historically known as a brand for outdoor enthusiasts. But lately, it's become a Gen Z obsession thanks to its Adventure Quencher tumbler, which comes in a rainbow of colors and can hold up to 40 oz. of liquid. A TikTok phenomenon called #WaterTok—basically, content creators showing off various ways to hydrate—has also helped the Quencher's popularity. But things came to a head recently with the launch of the Starbucks collab and the ensuing kerfuffles.

Meanwhile, here in Southwest Florida, we've always been Tervis stans. The company is headquartered right here in Sarasota County, and it, too, produces a stainless steel, powder-coated water bottle that's less expensive than Stanley's—as well as a wide range of tumblers, mugs and more. 

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Below, you'll find our editors' unscientific, highly biased and continually evolving list of why Tervis tumblers are better than Stanley Quenchers. Now we're left with just one pressing question: are multiple tumblers called Tervises or Tervi?

The Case for Tervis Tumbler vs. Stanley Quencher

  • Responsible for hundreds of local jobs.
  • Gives philanthropically to local causes.
  • Woman-led (current CEO Hosana Fieber stepped into the role in October 2023).
  • Founded in 1946 and still owned by the Donelly family.
  • Boasts a charming Osprey storefront that was originally the company's manufacturing plant.
  • Convenient availability nationwide.
  • Endlessly collectible. You can never have too many.
  • Nearly unlimited options for customization—from Disney to Marvel to DC Comics, sports teams and beyond. (One of our editors even put her wedding invitation on tumblers as party favors for guests.) Even the straws can be customized.
  • Less expensive than Stanley. Stanley's 40 oz. Quencher H2.0 FlowState tumbler starts at $45. Tervis' most expensive powder-coated option—with straw!—starts at $34.99.
  • Fun to say.
  • You don't have to sift through tons of posts about the NHL when you Google Tervis. 
  • Ultra-durable, thanks to double-walled insulation.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Fits in your car's cupholder just as easily as a Stanley.
  • One makes you look like a tourist, the other doesn't. (Guess which.)
  • No one has ever been assaulted over a Tervis*

*That we know of 

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