Sarasota Hot Spot: Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium

In our second Sarasota Hot Spot installment, we revisit a great Sarasota resource: Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium.

06/16/2015 By Chelsey Lucas


Biz(941) June-July 2015

Biz941 Magazine's Women's Issue

06/15/2015 By Chelsey Lucas


The List: Pay Gap

Median weekly salary for men and the percent of that salary that women earn at the same job.

06/12/2015 By Chelsey Lucas


Biz Rules: What About Domestic Partnerships?

Business owners: What you need to know about recognizing domestic partnerships.

06/12/2015 By Chelsey Lucas


Innovator: Heather Junqueira

A new nonprofit in Sarasota, BioScentK9, offers a new technique for screening cancer--using puppy noses.

06/12/2015 By Chelsey Lucas Photography by Alex Stafford


ICYMI: LWR HQ for new Major League Football

New pro football league will be headquartered in Lakewood Ranch.

06/08/2015 By Hannah Wallace


A Day in the Life of Ringling Curator Matthew McLendon

We spend a day with Matthew McLendon, curator of modern and contemporary art at The Ringling Museum.

06/05/2015 By Pam Daniel


From Power Struggles to Power Snuggles: Sarasota Couple Gives Advice

Jon and Beverly Meyerson are marriage counselors in Sarasota who teach couples how to turn their struggles into communication.

05/26/2015 By Chelsey Lucas