Platinum 2015

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Arts & Entertainment


Dr. Bernard Watson Played Pivotal Role in Battle Over Priceless Art Collection

The extraordinary life of Sarasota resident Bernard Watson, whose role in a battle over a priceless art collection still reverberates today.

07/31/2015 By Rich Rescigno

Best of Sarasota


The 2015 Platinum 100

Our 100 top shops in Sarasota-Manatee.

07/31/2015 By Heather Dunhill and Carol Tisch

Fashion & Shopping


Five Glamorous Sarasota Weddings

What makes a wedding sensational? Love, joy--and a personality all its own.

07/31/2015 By Bobbilynn Hollifield and Megan McDonald

Home & Real Estate


For Sale: Artist John Chamberlain's Downtown Sarasota Home and Studio

A landmark of the art world in downtown Sarasota.

07/31/2015 By Robert Plunket


Sarasota's Last Lustron Home Goes on the Market

Saluting a classic--our city's last Lustron house.

07/31/2015 By Robert Plunket

News & City Life


Four Sarasota Collectors Show Off Their Favorite Cars

These are the darlings of their garages.

07/31/2015 By Hannah Wallace