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O&A Opens Its Newest Location at Waterside Place

The latest outpost for the Sarasota coffee shop takes advantage of Waterside Place's outdoorsy atmosphere.

By Lauren Jackson August 17, 2022

A neon O&A lion hangs in the new location.

A neon O&A lion hangs in the new location.

Image: Jake Dunaway

Beloved local coffee shop O&A softly opened its newest location in Lakewood Ranch's Waterside Place last weekend. The coffee spot, which started as a mobile bar seven years ago, most recently expanded from the cart to its downtown Sarasota location, where it's gained a loyal following.

"It's always been a goal of mine for O&A to be available to everyone in Sarasota," says owner Justin Banister. "We wanted to focus on bringing our coffee out east next."

The newest location is smaller than the downtown Sarasota shop, but Banister is aiming to take advantage of the expansive outdoor walkability of the east Sarasota neighborhood by offering new grab-and-go options he calls "picnic friendly." In addition to O&A's signature pour-over coffee, he's added a batch brewer so patrons can speed in and out of the shop—plus new options for kids.

"The little guys need to be catered to as well," Banister says. To that end, the new shop will offer sandwiches, fruit jerky and granola to keep kiddos occupied while you caffeinate.

The new O&A will also continue its tradition of working in direct trade with its coffee growers. "We strive to ensure our farmers make a true livable wage, plus some extra, so they can better the communities where they are," Banister explains. "This way, they are able to wait longer to properly harvest, making for a superior product."

Harrison Pilsbury (left) and Justin Banister hang out behind the new Slayer espresso machine.

Harrison Pilsbury (left) and Justin Banister hang out behind the new Slayer espresso machine.

Image: Jake Dunaway

The shop will serve up its ethically sourced coffee with a new espresso machine that's one of the first of its kind. The team at O&A collaborated with espresso machine maker Slayer to design a brand-new model inspired by the 1972 Porsche Stinger. They even sent the machine over to Porsche to have it custom painted: green with gold flakes.

"It's a stunning piece," says Banister.

Beyond its superior coffee and excellent snacks, the new location is just plain beautiful. Its signature bird of paradise wallpaper lines the interior, highlighted by plenty of natural wood and lush green tones. Settle in for the perfect coffee-sipping experience—and an Instagram-worthy photo, too.

O&A is open seven days a week from 7am-4pm at 1570 Lakefront Drive, Ste. 102, Sarasota. For more information call (941) 217-4821 or visit their website.

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