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Justin Banister's Mobile Coffee Cart Keeps Sarasota Caffeinated

You can find Out and About Coffee at events, local businesses and farmers markets.

By Jenna Greenfield May 31, 2016 Published in the June 2016 issue of Sarasota Magazine

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Justin Banister.

Image: Chad Spencer

At 5 years of age, Justin Banister drank his first mug of coffee and fell in love. So it was only a matter of growing up before he founded his own business, Out and About Coffee—a mobile coffee cart that travels around Sarasota, brewing individual cups of Joe.

Fresh Brewed Start Banister moved to Sarasota from Kansas City and found only one deficiency. “I love this town—the beaches, the people—but I felt frustrated with the lack of a coffee culture,” Banister says. He defines “coffee culture” as an environment that allows people to relax and coexist while learning about and enjoying coffee. “So a few friends said to me, ‘If you really love it here, stay and help it become what you want it to be.’” With the help of his friends at sister store Perq Coffee Bar (they work together and sell the same coffees), Banister did exactly that.

Street Style Out and About Coffee travels to events, businesses and local farmer’s markets, and Banister believes the mobile set-up makes for good coffee conversations. “It’s intimidating to walk into a shop,” he says. “This allows people to come up to me on the street, have a conversation, and discover that a good cup of coffee is not out of reach.”

Coffee Klatch For Banister, the business is about much more than just a way to make money. “I love being out in the community and talking to people about coffee,” Banister says. “And I love that moment when people have a sip of great coffee and are at first confused by how good it is, then ruined forever now that they know that good coffee is out there.” 

Find Out and About Coffee—and stay up to date on its location—on Facebook or Twitter at @outaboutcoffee.

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