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Cocktail of the Week: CPK's Socialite Cosmo

The brand-new UTC-adjacent hotspot adds mixology to its pizza game.

By Hannah Wallace January 25, 2017

Cpk socialite cosmo vroi77

A sample of the Socialite Cosmo at CPK.

This week: The Socialite Cosmo at California Pizza Kitchen

The drink: Grapefruit vodka, Pavan French muscat grape liqueur, cranberry juice and sour mix, with a splash of bubbly. Pavan is a revelation to me--very grape-y. That sweetness is balanced at both ends with subtle bitter from the grapefruit and the ever-important fizz

The bar: I like this indoor/outdoor restaurant bar trend (see also: Kona Grill, and plenty others), which here provides a nice little patio area separate from CPK's interior dining room. 

Food: Pizzas, obviously, including more traditional options like pepperoni/sausage or wild mushroom, as well as wonderfully crafty combinations like Thai chicken with peanut sauce or California club with bacon, avocado, chicken and romaine lettuce tossed in lemon-pepper mayo. But CPK's new-look style also includes entrees, pastas and small plates.

Other notable potables: A fun and fruity cocktail selection, plus fresh sangrias--we recommend the tasting flight.

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