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Cocktail of the Week: Kona's Passion Fruit Gin Sling

Tropical froth at Kona Grill at the Mall at UTC.

By Hannah Wallace May 18, 2016

Kona gin sling nne528

This week: The Passion Fruit Gin Sling at Kona Grill

The drink: Tanqueray, passion fruit rum, triple sec, pineapple, lime, bitters. It is sweet and refreshing with none of the syrupy-ness that sometimes comes with tropical beverages. (Also, it's very pretty.) It's not quite as complex as the ingredients imply--I wouldn't mind having more herby gin flavor--but it's a good choice for folks who can only handle so much sweet, even in their fruity drinks.

The bar: Kona's breezy indoor/outdoor bar has justifiably become a destination in the Mall at UTC. There's a hint of the upscale to it without being the least bit stuffy--comfortable and relaxed.

Food: The mix of sushi, Asian-inspired items and American standards is interesting, to say the least, and the variety is well represented on its happy hour menu, which spans traditional and not-so-traditional sushi rolls as well as sliders, flatbreads and more. 

Other notable potables: The cocktail menu leans heavily toward the fruity side of things, with coconut, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry and lemonade all well represented.

Cosmopolitan jp3pqp

Kona's Cosmo: also pretty.

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