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Cocktail of the Week: Boca's Fine & Shandy

A fizzy refresher from downtown's new eatery.

By Hannah Wallace November 2, 2016

Boca shandy xqoaec

This week: The Fine & Shandy from Boca Kitchen.

The drink: Bourbon, cherry liqueur, Big Storm Arcus IPA, lemon and orange juices. I'm really into this beer-in-a-cocktail thing. I dig the fizz. In this case, the hoppy IPA holds up to the tart fruit juices, and all of it with a lovely bourbon undercurrent.

The bar: Just opened a few weeks ago, Boca's already a popular spot near Main and Lemon, with the big, square bar in the middle of the dining room like the star of the show. The high-ceilinged industrial-chic vibe is cool, albeit with sometimes-challenging acoustics.

Food: Rotating menu of fresh and locally farmed stuff, including cool bar bites like crispy zucchini fries or smoked fish dip.

Other notable potables: Yet another star in the craft cocktail scene, Boca has its down-to-the-label takes on the classics (mojito, mule, mai tai, etc.) as well as some really inventive creations, like the Garden Grove, which is like a reposado margarita that also includes bitters, cucumber and basil.

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