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Join 99 Bottles for a Grown-Up Easter Egg Hunt Around Downtown Sarasota

Explore downtown Sarasota for a chance to win big prizes from 99 Bottles.

By Lauren Jackson March 24, 2023

Join 99 Bottles' Easter (K)egg Hunt this month.

Join 99 Bottles' Easter (K)egg Hunt this month.

Get your phones ready to snap some photos in downtown Sarasota. 99 Bottles is hosting its spin on an Easter egg hunt all month long—but instead of hunting for colorful dyed eggs, you’ll be searching for brightly painted beer kegs.

“We partnered with six businesses we’re fans of downtown and have come up with some fun clues for people to find the kegs,” says 99 Bottles owner Mark Tuchman. “We also partnered with six artists who were given a keg shell as a blank canvas with no instructions on how to paint it so they could make it their own.” 

Tuchman reached out to his friend Stephanie Magaldi at Grae Productions to determine which artists would be best suited for the project.

“I’ve been a supporter of her monthly Art Lab series, in which she brings the local art community together to socialize and collaborate at various locations around Sarasota. When I had this idea, I went to her to pull six people who would want to participate in this goofy event,” Tuchman says.

The hunt has already begun and will continue until Sunday, April 9. Interested participants are asked to stop by 99 Bottles this month for a collection of clues about where to find each keg. To prove you have found the keg, Tuchman asks that you snap a picture and tag 99 Bottles on Instagram using its handle: @99bottles.sarasota.

Tuchman and 99 Bottles will provide prizes to participants who can collect photos of all six kegs, with special surprises for those who take the best picture at each of the locations.

Participants need not adhere to normal business hours during their hunt. So if you stumble across a keg during a business’ off-hours, you can snap a photo through the window to prove you have found it.

And if you find a keg that has artwork you fall in love with, be sure to let the team at 99 Bottles know. Tuchman says he will give each participating business the first right of refusal, but may be able to make them available for a guest who falls in love with the design.

99 Bottles’ Easter (K)egg Hunt lasts until 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 9. For more information stop by the bar at 1445 Second St., Sarasota.

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