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Cocktail of the Week: Fuzzy's Super Sloppy Rita

Eschew subtlety for a three-in-one beverage that ain't messin' around.

By Hannah Wallace October 4, 2016

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This week: The Super Sloppy Rita at Fuzzy's Taco Shop

The drink: Your standard frozen margarita, topped with a shot of reposado and impaled by an upside-down bottle of Victoria Mexican beer. Because sometimes you want to curate your herbs, and other times you want to plow them over with a lawnmower. OK, no, this isn't particularly artful or nuanced, but listen, it's October and the heat index is still pushing 100 and some of us may be craving a refreshing, knock-you-over-the-head kind of cocktail experience. And honestly, the beer is a fizzy-fun addition that mellows out the sweet-tart 'rita. Plus, it's neat to watch your first beverage of the evening slowly transition to the second without ever changing glasses. 

The bar: Sort of a corporate mashup of a sports bar and a taco shop, but since you have to order directly from the bartender anyway (no traditional waitstaff at Fuzzy's), you might as well post up at the horseshoe bar and save yourself the trip.

Food: Tacos (of course) and other Mexican-American faves like nachos and burritos, in servings both ample and affordable, but you can appreciate that they're not phoned-in. The ubiquitous feta cheese and garlic sauce help give Fuzzy's menu a distinct flare.

Other notable potables: Today's selection came from the portion of the cocktail menu charmingly titled "Big Ass Beer Ritas," so...you get the picture. (There's also, inexplicably, a section devoted to mules.) Surprisingly good draft beer selection, though, including a number of Sarasota-Bradenton offerings.

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