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Goldstar Donut Shop

Goldstar has perfected the art of the classic yeast doughnut smothered in sweet, sticky glaze. It tastes like it’s been deep fried—which, let’s be real, is what you want—but it’s light and airy enough that you can almost ignore those calories.

Meaney's Mini Donuts

We dare you not to polish off a whole bag of Meaney’s Mini Donuts in one sitting—these light, almost beignet-like little treats are totally addictive. Best bet: the strawberry cheesecake, featuring cream cheese frosting topped with strawberry jam.

Turner Donuts

Turner Donuts in downtown Bradenton has been frying up yeast-raised doughnuts made with potato flour for more than 50 years. They’re not only a local classic—they’re soft and airy, chewy and incredibly tasty.

The Donut Experiment

At The Donut Experiment on Anna Maria Island, fresh, hot cake doughnuts are dunked in the frosting of your choice and crowned with your choice of toppings. Our favorite combo: maple glaze with crunchy bacon bits—sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy, yes!

La Dona Donuts

Elvis Presley would have eaten more than a few of the Elvis Love doughnuts at La Dona Donuts. A cake doughnut is topped with peanut butter glaze, sliced bananas and crisp crumbled bacon. Delicious excess that’s fit for The King.

Yummies Donuts and BBQ

The Sticky Pig from Yummies Donuts and BBQ takes a glazed cinnamon roll doughnut, cuts it in half and fills it with salty pulled pork, barbecue sauce and crunchy coleslaw. Food porn at its most outrageous and soon to be featured on the Food Network.

Five-O Donut Co

The new kid on the block, Five-O Donut Co. offers a bevy of cake and yeast-raised confections. The croissant doughnut, a rounded square creation with a thin, crispy crust on the outside and moist layers inside, is a standout.

Der Dutchman

Der Dutchman’s red velvet doughnut tastes just like red velvet cake, only in ring form. It comes topped with not-too-sweet cream cheese frosting, and although you can opt to order the doughnut without it, why would you?

The Amish Baking Company

The Amish Baking Company serves fresh, hot, yeasted doughnuts (and pretzels!) from its mobile food truck every Wednesday from October-April at the Phillippi Farmhouse Market, using recipes that have been passed down through the owners' family. The doughnuts are enormous and pillowy, dripping with vanilla glaze, and they go down real easy.

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