New Sarasota City Commissioner Susan Chapman On "Brutal" Campaign

Susan Chapman won a hard-fought race. Now the real work begins.

07/01/2013 By Cooper Levey-Baker


Two Sarasota Ecologists Take On Climate Change

Ecologists David and Jennifer Shafer of Shafer Consulting try to get Sarasota to focus on how to prepare for rising sea levels.

06/03/2013 By Megan McDonald


Noisemaker: Police Chief Bernadaette DiPino

Cooper Levey-Baker talks with this month's Noisemaker, new Sarasota police chief Bernadette DiPino.

04/01/2013 By Megan McDonald


NOISEMAKER: State Sen. Nancy Detert

Republican state Sen. Nancy Detert heads back to Tallahassee with a new district but the same goals.

03/01/2013 By cooperl