Stay or Go?

Here's What You Thought About Moving Unconditional Surrender

Our polls on Instagram and Twitter say the majority of voters want the statue to stay on the bayfront.

By Allison Forsyth September 25, 2020

Downtown Sarasota's Unconditional Surrender statue

Downtown Sarasota's Unconditional Surrender statue

As the City of Sarasota prepares to move the Unconditional Surrender statue to make room for construction of a roundabout at Gulfstream and U.S. 41, there has been debate over whether the statue should return to its current location or move somewhere else. So we took to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with informal polls, asking readers to weigh in on whether the statue should stay or go.

On a poll created for Instagram, which received 1,211 views, 83 percent of voters said the statue should stay, while 17 percent voted it should move.

On Twitter, our poll received 42 votes. Thirty-six voters, or 86 percent, said the statue should remain on the bayfront, with 14 percent voting it should go.

And on Facebook, 237 commenters weighed in with responses to our article about the statue's move, which featured two varying opinions from David R. Kotok, co-founder, chairman of the board and Chief Investment Officer of Cumberland Advisors, and Kelly Kirschner, former mayor of the City of Sarasota .

"Leave it down by the waterfront," wrote one Facebook commenter. "To Sarasota, this statue is special and important." 

"Replace it with a simple monument by a local artist to those settlers who made Sarasota famous for fishing, growing produce and healing visitors," another comment reads. 

The majority of Facebook comments were in favor of keeping the statue where it is, expressing support of its placement and meaning for the community. 

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