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Tervis Tumbler Launches New Designs—Including A Bowl

Venice Mayor John Holic proclaims May 19 “Tervis Day."

By Vanessa Blankenship May 21, 2018

Since 1946, Venice based Tervis tumblers have provided world-class designs and customization on its drinkware so customers can express creativity while being environmentally friendly. This summer, company president Rogan Donnelly announced, the company is launching even more new designs, sizes and products that go beyond drinkware.

Members of the media gathered at the Tervis Osprey store on Friday to get a sneak peek of the new products presented by Donelly and to witness John W. Holic, the mayor of the city of Venice, Florida, proclaim that May 19 would be known as “Tervis Day.”

For the first time ever, Tervis is launching bowls, which come in Tervis' standard clear, as well as five colors. Kim Livengood of Eclipse Agency says Tervis is testing the bowls in stores to gauge consumer response.“This is really exciting for us because the bowls will have the same insulation properties,” Livengood says. “They will be good for hot and cold so your cereal won’t get soggy, your ice cream won’t melt and your soup will stay hot.”

Around 150 new designs will launch in June and new sizes in stainless steel have been added to the collection. Due to the success of the 20oz. and 30 oz. stainless steel tumblers, Donnelly says, Tervis has also added a water bottle and a 12 oz. tumbler with interchangeable lids.

He adds that the products—and their shapes and designs—are constantly changing because the company continues to innovate and makes sure to adapt by listening to the consumer. “We are fortunate enough that we have such a strong brand that can be a lot of things to a lot of different people,” Donelly says. “The cup is an expression of yourself.”

 In addition to the new bowl and tumbler sizes, the “make your own Tervis” lab at the Osprey store also added glitter and confetti as new additionssince customers have been asking about them for years. While the company can’t make large runs of products like these, “this is a great way to do it in a small way,” says Donelly.

As for the Tervis president’s favorite tumbler? “The 16 oz. or the water bottle, because I can take them anywhere, and my favorite design would be the USF Bulls or The Tampa Bay Lightning,” Donelly says.

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