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Ferrandino Named CEO of Education Seed Fund

Sarasota's Rita Ferrandino was recently named the new CEO for the Education Design Studio Inc., an education seed fund and incubator.

Research by staff August 25, 2016

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Rita Ferrandino

Sarasota's Rita Ferrandino was recently named the new CEO for the Education Design Studio Inc., a seed fund and incubator that was created in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. Ferrandino is the founding partner at Arc Capital Development, a global private investment and advisory firm.  Arc invests in and operates companies in the K-20 education and special needs markets and has served more than 95 clients in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Ireland, Turkey, Israel and India. Arc clients and portfolio companies provide products generating more than $1 billion each year to schools worldwide.

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