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Sarasota's Homeless Problem Makes National News...Again

A new Washington Post piece highlights Sarasota as a lightning rod for the fierce battle over homelessness.

By Megan McDonald June 3, 2016

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Sarasota’s homeless problem, which we covered in our January 2015 issue, is grabbing national attention again. The Washington Post came to Sarasota some weeks ago and interviewed key civic players as well as some of the homeless.

"Sarasota, dubbed the 'Meanest City in America' by advocates a decade ago for its ordinances, has been the scene of one of the fiercest and most anguished battles over homelessness in an era of urban renaissance," writes Justin Jouvenal, the author of the Post piece. "The city’s balmy weather has drawn a large homeless population. On the streets, the contrast between panhandlers shaking cups and shoppers clutching bags from upscale boutiques is jarring."

Their look at the problem was published today. Here's a link to the story; weigh in with your thoughts by leaving a comment below.  

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