In the Middle of It All

In a Rapidly Changing Rosemary District, Resurrection House Remains Committed to Helping People Without a Place to Live

In Sarasota County, where homelessness is on the rise, the nonprofit day center provides unhoused individuals with food, clothing, showers and restrooms.

03/21/2024 By Stephanie Churn Lubow

Unity Awards

P.J. Brooks and Scott Eller Help People Find a Safe Place to Live

Homelessness erodes people’s dignity by denying them the most basic of needs: a place to call home.

01/01/2024 By Kim Doleatto

Street Team

Sarasota Police Outreach Team Works to Build Rapport With the Homeless

Officers and civilians rely on a hierarchy of approaches to help address one the region’s top social problems.

06/26/2023 By Catherine Hicks

Shelter From the Storm

What Happens to the Homeless During a Hurricane?

Thousands of unhoused Sarasota residents face uncertainty as Ian approaches.

09/26/2022 By Isaac Eger

Unity Awards

Streets of Paradise's Greg Cruz Fights Homelessness in Sarasota-Manatee

“Anywhere that we can help with this homeless crisis, we will be on the frontlines. No questions asked.”

01/04/2022 By Marc Griffin

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Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness: Part One

A collaboration between Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, and Community Assisted & Supported Living provides solutions.



Second Heart Homes Launches New Housing and Support Program for Women

The program is an extension of the nonprofit’s support model for homeless men.

11/04/2021 By Staff


Second Heart Homes Receives $20,000 Grant from Church of the Redeemer

The funds will be used to repair and refurbish two recently purchased duplexes for 12 homeless women with mental health issues.

10/25/2021 By Staff


Second Heart Homes Receives Grant from Gulf Coast Community Foundation

The $20,800 grant will add new volunteer coordinator and case manager positions, as well as support data collection requirements.

10/01/2021 By Staff


Harvest House Creates Transitional Living Space for 18- to 24-Year-Old Men in Sarasota

Harvest House's four transitional housing beds for young men now matches the four beds already in place for young women.

11/24/2020 By Staff


Annual Survey Shows Drop in Area's Homeless Population

But there is rising concern about how the economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic may lead to more homelessness.

05/29/2020 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Fast Track

Turning Points Names New Executive Director

Kathleen Cramer will be responsible for Turning Points' planning, organizing, staffing, directing and management.

05/27/2020 By Staff


How the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Affecting Sarasota's Homeless

'It's real tough to shelter in place when you don't have a place,' says Sarasota City Manager Tom Barwin.

04/09/2020 By Cooper Levey-Baker


Community Raises More Than $1 Million for Season of Sharing

The milestone sparked a second $100,000 contribution to the campaign from The Patterson Foundation.

12/27/2019 By Staff


Youth Advocacy Team Doubles Housing Subsidies

The group is now able to subsidize housing costs for 23 local youth who otherwise would be homeless.

11/27/2019 By Staff


City, Local Agencies Collaborate to Start Homeless Court

This specialized court handles homeless individuals charged with minor criminal activity.

07/23/2019 By Staff


Streets of Paradise Establishes First Office in Sarasota

Following collaborations with the Suncoast Partnership to End Homeless and Showered and Empowered, Inc., Streets of Paradise co-founders Greg Cruz and Allan Mestel are optimistic about where the newly formed 501(c)(3)nonprofit is headed.

02/07/2019 By Giulia Heyward


Federal Grant Will Boost YMCA Program for Homeless Youth

The Sarasota YMCA recently received a $132,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to support its Street REACH program.

12/12/2018 By Staff


Streets of Paradise Puts Homelessness in Focus

Greg Cruz and Allan Mestel created an online photo series to raise awareness about homelessness in the area, then flipped it into a full-fledged nonprofit.

12/06/2018 By Giulia Heyward


New Drop-In Center for Homeless Youth Opens

More than 400 people ages 16 to 24 face homelessness on any given night in Sarasota County.

10/16/2018 By Staff