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The Brain

A New Alzheimer's Treatment Method Is Touted as Improving Cognition

Dr. Dale Bredesen's ReCODE protocol stresses changes to one's lifestyle and environment as a way to fight Alzheimer's.

01/25/2023 By Elizabeth Djinis

hello nurse

Local Nurse Wins Prestigious International Award

Lisa Lilligren's care and compassion received the DAISY Award, which recognizes nurses for extraordinary acts of compassion.

01/23/2023 By Isaac Eger

Your Health Questions Answered

Are Gas Stoves Killing Us?

Is the government coming for your gas range? Or is this just another culture war squabble?

01/19/2023 By Isaac Eger

At Home Health

In-Home Vaccinations Now Available to Sarasota County Residents

Individuals who are not able to go to clinics can get flu, pneumonia and Covid vaccines at home.

01/18/2023 By Isaac Eger

Your Health Questions Answered

Is Vaping Worse for Your Teeth Than Smoking?

Vaping may seem like a smart alternative to cigarettes, but its effects on your dental health can be severe.

01/12/2023 By Isaac Eger

Unity Awards

Dr. Manuel Gordillo Steers a Community Through a Deadly Pandemic

"I’m so proud of the health care system. These are humbling experiences.”

01/09/2023 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Red Alert

How Bad Is Red Tide at Our Beaches?

The latest red tide reports might affect your weekend beach plans. Here's where it's safe to swim.

01/06/2023 By Isaac Eger

Roll Out

Local Massage Therapist Designs a New Massage Tool to Help Relieve Pain

Casey Smith has designed the HyperRoller, a new massage tool worth its weight.

01/05/2023 By Isaac Eger

The New Medicine of the Mind

Ketamine and Other Psychedelics Are Changing Mental Health Care

New treatments offer hope for those suffering from long-term depression.

01/03/2023 By Megan McDonald

Your Health Questions Answered

Is IV Therapy a Miracle Cure For a New Year's Hangover?

Can at home IV therapy treatments prevent us from suffering the consequences of our actions?

12/29/2022 By Isaac Eger

Eat it Up

How to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits Over the Holidays and Beyond

Stay on track during the holidays with these top tips.

12/22/2022 By Yasi Bahmanabadi

Your Health Questions Answered

Is Apple Cider Vinegar a Magic Elixir or Acidic Snake Oil?

Apple cider vinegar is proffered as a cure for what ails us—but how much of it is real? We tried it for ourselves.

12/15/2022 By Isaac Eger

Health Hack

Don't Want to Feel Like Stuffed Turkey After Thanksgiving? Follow These Tips

We spoke with registered dietician Michelle James about some holiday health hacks to avoid the dreaded post-turkey coma.

11/22/2022 By Isaac Eger

Your Health Questions Answered

Do We Need to Worry About a 'Tripledemic' This Year?

We asked Dr. Manuel Gordillo, a local infectious disease specialist, how concerned you need to be about a simultaneous rise in RSV, influenza and Covid-19.

11/16/2022 By Isaac Eger

Cause and Effect

New Research Is Exploring the Connection Between Alzheimer's and Inflammation

Local experts offer tips for people to prepare their future by creating good habits now.

11/13/2022 By Elizabeth Djinis

Health News

How Worried Should We Be About RSV?

We spoke with an infectious disease doctor from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital to learn more.

11/10/2022 By Isaac Eger

You Ask, We Answer

Are Turkeys Becoming Less Flavorful?

Tasteless turkey is a common complaint, but one local farm is trying to serve a better bird.

11/09/2022 By Isaac Eger

Swim Advisory

Where Is It Safe to Swim in Sarasota Right Now?

Officials have detected fecal bacteria and red tide in our waterways. We spoke with an expert in Sarasota water quality to find out where it's safe to swim.

11/04/2022 By Isaac Eger

Better Not Pout

The Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide

Because we can't choose our families or do a home exchange in the romantic English countryside.

11/04/2022 By Laura Paquette

Your Health Questions Answered

How Can You Make Sure You've Got Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Not the Fake Stuff?

We enlisted the help of an olive oil expert to sort the good from the bad.

11/02/2022 By Isaac Eger