The Greatest Show on Earth

The Circus Ring of Fame Will Induct New Honorees This Saturday

They include Peggy Williams, the first female graduate of Clown College, and "circus chaplain" Father Jerry Hogan.

02/02/2023 By Yasi Bahmanabadi

Unity Awards

Darren Gambrell Makes Higher Education More Accessible and Inclusive

“It is extremely important that we develop the cultural competence needed to better understand individuals from different backgrounds and cultures.”

01/09/2023 By Yasi Bahmanabadi

Eat it Up

How to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits Over the Holidays and Beyond

A local dietitian gave us her top five sensible tips—we're taking these into the New Year.

12/22/2022 By Yasi Bahmanabadi

New tunes

Local Musician Dean Johanesen’s New Album Ties Into Sarasota's History

Johanesen's new album, "Cautionary Tales," pulls inspiration from Sarasota's circus legacy with upbeat guitar riffs, jazzy horns and lots of storytelling.

12/12/2022 By Yasi Bahmanabadi

Turkey Twist

How Immigrants Blend American Thanksgiving Dishes With Their Own Culinary Traditions

We talked to six locals who moved here from elsewhere about how they celebrate this very American holiday.

11/15/2022 By Kim Doleatto

Film Screening

'Outta The Muck,' a Documentary About Black Life in Florida, Screens Tuesday Night at Fogartyville

This documentary celebrates a community, and a family, that resists despair with love, remaining fiercely self-determined, while forging its own unique narrative of Black achievement.

11/14/2022 By Yasi Bahmanabadi

Essential Intelligence

Mangroves Are Powerful Coastal Guardians

Beyond their inherent value as living organisms, mangrove trees are vital when it comes to protecting healthy waters and fisheries—and even human development.

11/12/2022 By Yasi Bahmanabadi

Calling All Artists

Arts Nonprofit Issues Call for Submissions for Upcoming Exhibit

The nonprofit that uses art to promote social justice is asking artists to submit work by Friday, Oct. 28.

10/24/2022 By Yasi Bahmanabadi

Hole in one

Sarasota Junior Golfer Jolie Pastorick Is Headed to the Drive, Chip and Putt National Finals

Pastorick, 13, earned 143 points in her fifth regional and secured her spot in the National Finals in Augusta, Georgia.

10/19/2022 By Yasi Bahmanabadi

Healing Words

Husband of Charleston Shooting Victim Brings Message of Forgiveness to Sarasota

Rev. Anthony Thompson's wife Myra was one of the people killed in the racially motivated Mother Emanuel AME shooting in 2015.

10/10/2022 By Yasi Bahmanabadi

Play in the Dirt

10 Easy-to-Grow Vegetables That Thrive in Florida

Renourish your yard and garden at two upcoming plant sales.

10/10/2022 By Yasi Bahmanabadi

Native Voices

The Sarasota Native American Film Festival Begins Tonight

A week of celebrating Native American culture through films, art, music and food kicks off tonight night at Sainer Pavilion.

09/09/2022 By Yasi Bahmanabadi