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Up Your Workout Ante With a 28-Day Challenge at This Sarasota Gym

The "Drop your Jeans" challenge at P-Fit Sarasota will have you focusing on your nutrition, exercise habits and hydration.

By Allison Forsyth March 15, 2022

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Want to up your fitness game? Consider joining a fitness challenge like P-Fit Studios' "Drop Your Jeans Challenge," which aims to help participants feel more confident in their skin—and their jeans.

Here's how the 28-day challenge, which kicked off on March 14, works.

Participants will take a photo in a pair of jeans (or shorts and swimsuit) that they want to feel good in. Then they will work with P-Fit's personal trainers to create a customized meal and hydration plan and workout routine that they'll stick to six days a week. Participants will take progress pictures each Friday, plus a final photo to celebrate their results.

The gym has also created a Facebook group for those entering the challenge to help each other stay motivated and accountable. P-Fit, which opened its first franchise in Sarasota six months ago, plans to run three to four challenges per year, with a focus on personal training and small group classes.

"This challenge is to help people feel good in their skin and in the clothes they want to wear," says trainer Courtney Willoughby. "It is a goal we can reach for besides focusing on the number on the scale."

Trainers and clients at Sarasota's P-Fit Studios.

Trainers and clients at Sarasota's P-Fit Studios.

 Nutrition plans are based on daily macronutrient requirements—the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats one needs. Hydration goals are the same for everyone: drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day.

Workouts consist of 30-minute high intensity interval (HIIT) exercises like squats, burpees, push-ups, sit-ups and other moves using weights and machines. Participants base the workout on time: 30 seconds of movement followed by 10-second rests or other similar interval styles, as it changes day-to-day. Willoughby says Mondays and Thursdays focus on upper body, chest, triceps and shoulders mixed with cardio. Tuesdays and Fridays work back, biceps and lower body, while Wednesdays are reserved for abs. Saturdays are full body.

"This schedule keeps clients from burning out or getting too sore to return the next day," Willoughby explains. "Trainers can also help modify exercises to make them easier or harder depending on your needs."

No matter your fitness level or age, Willoughby says there are fitness opportunities for everyone at P-Fit. She's seen everyone from high school athletes to 80-year-old weightlifters at the gym. The sense of community and motivation while working toward your health and fitness goals are what Willoughby thinks will keep people coming back beyond the "Drop Your Jeans" challenge.

To join the "Drop Your Jeans" challenge, visit P-Fit Studios today, or sign up online. The gym is located at 5000 Fruitville Rd., Sarasota; (941) 724-4751.

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