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A New Bradenton Shop Specializes in Nutritious, Brightly Colored Drinks

Bayshore Nutrition's beverages are made with ingredients free from processed sugars and chemicals.

By Allison Forsyth March 14, 2022

Bayshore Nutrition

Bayshore Nutrition serves up brightly colored, healthy drinks.

If you've come across photos on Instagram of some brightly colored, locally made drinks that make your mouth water, don't adjust your screen. You're not looking at a filtered pic.

The drinks are healthy tea concoctions from Bradenton's Bayshore Nutrition, which opened last year. Owners Filiz McNamara, a former holistic nutritionist, and her husband Joe felt inspired to share their passion for nutrition with others. All the drinks are made with ingredients free from processed sugars and chemicals.

"Our mega teas are made with aloe juice at the bottom, which is great for digestion and hydration," says McNamara. "Then they're layered with stevia and fruit-flavored juice. We have so many different flavors—passion fruit, grape, orange and more."

Bayshore Nutrition owners.

Bayshore Nutrition owners Joe and Filiz McNamara.

McNamara says she also adds collagen, probiotic fibers, branch-chain amino acids and vitamins B and C. The idea is to give you a natural, caffeine-free boost to tackle a workout or workday. Some popular mixes are the "Black Pearl," made with blackberry and aloe, and "Pink Starburst," a strawberry drink.

Another popular drink is the shop's protein coffee, which is not simply protein powder mixed with caffeine, like you might think.

"The coffee is brewed and mixed with 20 to 40 grams of protein per cup, and naturally flavored with caramel, cacao and plant-based milks," says McNamara. "It allows coffee lovers to also consume a protein-packed drink."

refresher drinks and protein coffee

A caffeine-free refresher and protein coffee from Bayshore Nutrition.

The shop's shakes look like ones you'd find at an ice cream shop, but are instead healthy meal replacements that come in flavors like banana nut muffin, blackberry cobbler and frosted cupcake. They have 30 grams of protein, vitamins and minerals and are gluten-free and mostly plant-based.

Bayshore Nutrition also hosts occasional events, like yoga classes, to connect with regular customers. "We like to partner with other local businesses and offer free opportunities for the community to focus on their health," McNamara says. Some Bradenton businesses they've worked with include the styling service Jackie.

Bradenton is also home to IMG Academy and State College of Florida, as well as several nearby schools with sports teams. But you don't have to be an aspiring athlete in order to enjoy Bayshore Nutrition's drinks.

"We want everyone to learn the importance of hydration and feel refreshed," says McNamara.

Bayshore Nutrition is located at 5330 34th St. W., Bradenton. For more information, call (941) 220-4192 or follow the shop on Facebook or Instagram.

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