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Fashion Expert Cameron Silver Shares His Top Tips for Shopping Vintage

The renowned vintage dealer spoke at T. Georgiano's Boutique last week. He shares his tips on how to shop vintage right.

By Samantha Lane February 15, 2022

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Cameron Silver

Cameron Silver is a man of many talents. Starting out in theater and the arts, he's become one of the most well-known fashion icons in the industry. He's the founder of Los Angeles luxury boutique Decades and the author of a book of the same name that showcases stunning women's vintage wear over the years. Plus, he's been named to Time magazine's "25 Most Influential Names and Faces of Fashion" list and is affectionately known as "the king of vintage."

This fashion royalty descended on Sarasota last Tuesday afternoon when he spoke at an event hosted by T. Georgiano's Boutique, along with Umbreen Designs, to talk with local fashion freaks, discuss his book and show off some of the exquisite clothing he's collected along his star-studded fashion journey. 

"There's definitely an interest in selling, but what I really like is meeting new people," he says. 

Born and raised in Beverly Hills, California, Silver was often exposed to life's finer things, but he valued building character through hard work. He studied theater at UCLA but felt unfulfilled.

However, he always knew he had a passion for fashion, so he switched gears and opened a Los Angeles boutique showcasing glamorous vintage wear in 1997. Since then, he's traveled the world in search of unique trends, honing the sensibilities that turned him into a magnet for the big Hollywood names who wanted to make a statement on the red carpet. 

He launched a Bravo reality TV series in 2013 and today he's the fashion director for QVC's exclusive brand H by Halston. Silver also stays busy as a regular guest on E! Entertainment and the Style Network.

"I love that fashion is a great unifier. Some people do it with food, I do it with fashion," he says. 

For those who couldn't make it out to T. Georgiano's boutique last week, Silver shared some tips on how to shop vintage so we can all get a piece of glam.

What’s a must-have piece we should all own?

"At this moment, I think a great blazer is universally regarded as a must-have in your wardrobe."

 What should vintage shoppers avoid?

"Anything that looks too costume or too vintage. I like vintage that looks modern." 

What are some of the best places to shop vintage?

"Check out your local high-end consignment stores, which often have surprising vintage items."

Are there certain labels I should be looking out for? 

"All the icons, like Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Halston, Valentino and YSL [Yves Saint Laurent]."

Should I have a game plan or just browse? 

"It's more fun to not have a plan. Just get inspired and step outside the box!"

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