Bon Appetit!

Chef Judi Gallagher travels to Paris, France, to experience that legendary French dining.

10/29/2012 By Megan McDonald


Biz Bites: Sahara Café

10/01/2012 By Hannah Wallace Photography by Kathryn Brass


Hot Dish: Café Italia’s Veal Parmesan

Sarasota dining: This month's Hot Dish is Cafe Italia's veal parmesan.

09/30/2012 Photography by Lori Sax By Judi Gallagher


Food & Wine: Cheese, Please

There's a new kid on the Sarasota dining scene: Parker and Louise Converse's Artisan Cheese Company.

09/30/2012 By Megan McDonald Photography by Chad Spencer


What I’m Drinking: The brews of Darwin’s on 4th

Can't make it to Oktoberfest this year? Just head to Sarasota's Darwin's on 4th, where Jared Barnes is turning out craft beers of considerable interest.

09/30/2012 By John Bancroft Photography by Chad Spencer